Sunday, November 18, 2012


Well like always, I am running a little behind.  Rylee turned ONE October 6th.  I cannot believe she is already 1.  Time flies by, and I don't like how quickly kids grow up!! We had a small birthday party for her.  We invited a couple friends, and I have to say, I missed family being there.  She was a happy birthday girl and loved her presents especially her dolls and chair. 

A little about Rylee: 
. she started taking steps a few weeks before her birthday and then started walking well the week of her birthday.
. she loves bananas, oatmeal, peaches, cheese, carrots, and yogurt.  She is picky with food textures.
. she is in the 35% in weight and 75% in height.  At her check up she weighed 19lbs.
. she follows Rush around and pushes his cars around- hence the reason we got her a baby doll.
. she says, "bye" and does this wave with her hand as if she wants something.
. she says, "muma", "dahd". 
. she has recently started throwing fits if Rush takes something, she with put her head on the floor and cry in the stink bug position. 
. When we are holding her, if we say, "lay down" she lays on our shoulder for a few seconds.
.  Lately, she has started making noises for animals. (dog and horse)

There are a ton more I will think of later:)
We sure think Rylee is special and  brings happiness to our family.  Her personality is dynamic and makes us smile daily.  We love our Ry bug!!

The party was owl themed... so I made these fun cupcakes.
 She loved her new chair, so she isn't taking over Rushtyn's anymore.

She thought it was pretty cool everyone brought her gifts while she sat in her chair:)

Here are some pictures from her one-year photo shoot!

I took these two with my i phone after our photo shoot with Melia.  I was in love with this old rock wall and the red fall leaves. 

 I brought along her "blankie", she LOVES this blanket and gets so excited to snuggle it. Even as I am typing this, she is dragging it along with her:)
 She loves my phone, had to get one of her playing on it!

I had to include this picture b/c it shows a little of her attitude. Ha, it makes me laugh when she furrows her eyebrows:)

Summer~ Bow Hunt and Circleville

Our final part of our Utah trip was going to the Robinson reunion aka as the "bow hunt".   It was at a new location for the first time in over 30 years which was kind of different (I have only been there 8 years).  We loved spending time on Monroe mountain and catching up with family.  I have to admit at this point I was kind of worn out of living out of a suitcase;)  Rylee spent most of her time bein held, or playing in her pack-n-play.  Rush could not get enough of the 4 wheelers and playing with cousins.  I guess you could say he was in his "element", a little like his dad!  I lost several of my pictures from the bow hunt, but here are a few.  Afterward we went to Circleville to prepare for you trek back to Laramie.  We love Utah and I have to say it is soo pretty!  Seeing our families and doing everything we love was a great way to end the summer. 

 Love summers!
 Loving the grass..
 Rush giving "hi five".  Notice Brace was the lucky adult, who got to ride with all the kids in the back of the truck.  They went on a short truck ride with all the kids.  

 Me hanging with Rylee under the awning.  Pretty relaxing!
                               Rush enjoying one of Grandma's famous scones.
 Instagram collage. Adri was cute with Rylee:)
 Brace hooking the boys up with a ride. 
 Rylee snuggling with me at the fire- asleep.  So sweet. 
Chilling in where she couldn't crawl in the dirt.
When we were in Circleville, Kirt took us on a carriage ride.  Not sure what face Rush is pulling. He still is a hansome little guy! Love these boys. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

~Summer: part ThrEE- Cedar City~

After our Lake Powell trip we went to Cedar City.  It takes being away to appreciate my great home town.  We went camping to Yankee Meadow with my family and loved being in the Mtns.  We basically just played and relaxed.  The kids loved being with family, as did I.  Grandma Robinson watched the kids so Brace and I could go with my fam.  The pictures below are a few from our Cedar visit:)

 Rylee wanting to walk
 Rush could not get enough of the 4-wheeler.  He went for rides daily:) Like father, like son!
 Headed to the play...we loved it.
 Swimming at the "lake on the hill"
                                         Rush was a little fish
                                       Amanda Jean and me enjoying the summer sun!
Oh Ry Ry, you are a cutie!
                                              Aunt Amanda making Rylee happy!
             Trying out the buzz light year pole Brace baught.  He loved reeling it in every second:)
                                      We had to shit gears and toss the flip-flops.
 Rush loved this little hut we came across and kept sweeping the dirt with the pine needle "broom"
                                                      He had to ride his bike:)
 The hut.
 Nothing like waking up in the mtns.
 Such a beutiful view fishing...Looking good Brace:)
 Playing in the trailer.
 This is what we did while fishing.  She was a little hard b/c she just wanted to crawl in the dirt and rocks non stop.
 Handsome boy. 
 Nana taking care of the "princess".