Sunday, November 18, 2012

Summer~ Bow Hunt and Circleville

Our final part of our Utah trip was going to the Robinson reunion aka as the "bow hunt".   It was at a new location for the first time in over 30 years which was kind of different (I have only been there 8 years).  We loved spending time on Monroe mountain and catching up with family.  I have to admit at this point I was kind of worn out of living out of a suitcase;)  Rylee spent most of her time bein held, or playing in her pack-n-play.  Rush could not get enough of the 4 wheelers and playing with cousins.  I guess you could say he was in his "element", a little like his dad!  I lost several of my pictures from the bow hunt, but here are a few.  Afterward we went to Circleville to prepare for you trek back to Laramie.  We love Utah and I have to say it is soo pretty!  Seeing our families and doing everything we love was a great way to end the summer. 

 Love summers!
 Loving the grass..
 Rush giving "hi five".  Notice Brace was the lucky adult, who got to ride with all the kids in the back of the truck.  They went on a short truck ride with all the kids.  

 Me hanging with Rylee under the awning.  Pretty relaxing!
                               Rush enjoying one of Grandma's famous scones.
 Instagram collage. Adri was cute with Rylee:)
 Brace hooking the boys up with a ride. 
 Rylee snuggling with me at the fire- asleep.  So sweet. 
Chilling in where she couldn't crawl in the dirt.
When we were in Circleville, Kirt took us on a carriage ride.  Not sure what face Rush is pulling. He still is a hansome little guy! Love these boys. 


Marc, Janelle, Brax & Millie said...

You are almost caught up!!! You are so good to blog with all the other hats you are wearing these days! Amazing is the word o describe you!!! Love ya lots and I am seriously o excited to see you in a few weeks! :)

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