Sunday, November 18, 2012


Well like always, I am running a little behind.  Rylee turned ONE October 6th.  I cannot believe she is already 1.  Time flies by, and I don't like how quickly kids grow up!! We had a small birthday party for her.  We invited a couple friends, and I have to say, I missed family being there.  She was a happy birthday girl and loved her presents especially her dolls and chair. 

A little about Rylee: 
. she started taking steps a few weeks before her birthday and then started walking well the week of her birthday.
. she loves bananas, oatmeal, peaches, cheese, carrots, and yogurt.  She is picky with food textures.
. she is in the 35% in weight and 75% in height.  At her check up she weighed 19lbs.
. she follows Rush around and pushes his cars around- hence the reason we got her a baby doll.
. she says, "bye" and does this wave with her hand as if she wants something.
. she says, "muma", "dahd". 
. she has recently started throwing fits if Rush takes something, she with put her head on the floor and cry in the stink bug position. 
. When we are holding her, if we say, "lay down" she lays on our shoulder for a few seconds.
.  Lately, she has started making noises for animals. (dog and horse)

There are a ton more I will think of later:)
We sure think Rylee is special and  brings happiness to our family.  Her personality is dynamic and makes us smile daily.  We love our Ry bug!!

The party was owl themed... so I made these fun cupcakes.
 She loved her new chair, so she isn't taking over Rushtyn's anymore.

She thought it was pretty cool everyone brought her gifts while she sat in her chair:)

Here are some pictures from her one-year photo shoot!

I took these two with my i phone after our photo shoot with Melia.  I was in love with this old rock wall and the red fall leaves. 

 I brought along her "blankie", she LOVES this blanket and gets so excited to snuggle it. Even as I am typing this, she is dragging it along with her:)
 She loves my phone, had to get one of her playing on it!

I had to include this picture b/c it shows a little of her attitude. Ha, it makes me laugh when she furrows her eyebrows:)


Marc, Janelle, Brax & Millie said...

Oh how I miss my sweet, gorgeous niece!!! She is darling! I loved her party!!! So cute. And of course you made the cutest owl cupcakes ever! Wish we could have helped celebrate her big day!! We love ry and can't believe how big she is getting! Can't wait to see her and Millie play together. :)

DeAnna said...

Love Rylee's party and her pictures....her little boots and jeans kills me! Love the bow hunt pics too!

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

ANGELA! I totally found you in a random, unplanned way. It is amazing what a few clicks in the blogosphere can lead you too. :)

Your family is adorable! It looks like you are doing well and are happy. Life as a mom is great, isn't it!?

Crissa (Pollmann) Robertson

khalid meita said...

Cute photos, :)

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hitaakademi said...

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