Thursday, October 25, 2012

~Summer: part ThrEE- Cedar City~

After our Lake Powell trip we went to Cedar City.  It takes being away to appreciate my great home town.  We went camping to Yankee Meadow with my family and loved being in the Mtns.  We basically just played and relaxed.  The kids loved being with family, as did I.  Grandma Robinson watched the kids so Brace and I could go with my fam.  The pictures below are a few from our Cedar visit:)

 Rylee wanting to walk
 Rush could not get enough of the 4-wheeler.  He went for rides daily:) Like father, like son!
 Headed to the play...we loved it.
 Swimming at the "lake on the hill"
                                         Rush was a little fish
                                       Amanda Jean and me enjoying the summer sun!
Oh Ry Ry, you are a cutie!
                                              Aunt Amanda making Rylee happy!
             Trying out the buzz light year pole Brace baught.  He loved reeling it in every second:)
                                      We had to shit gears and toss the flip-flops.
 Rush loved this little hut we came across and kept sweeping the dirt with the pine needle "broom"
                                                      He had to ride his bike:)
 The hut.
 Nothing like waking up in the mtns.
 Such a beutiful view fishing...Looking good Brace:)
 Playing in the trailer.
 This is what we did while fishing.  She was a little hard b/c she just wanted to crawl in the dirt and rocks non stop.
 Handsome boy. 
 Nana taking care of the "princess".

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Summer.~ Part TwO: Lake Powell

       I was planning on doing a a post with all our UT trip pictures but, Lake Powell alone had way too many pictures.  Since this is my version of our scrapbook I didn't leave many out (photo overload). 
       Going to Lake Powell was the perfect way to start off our vacation to Utah! Since I was a tiny girl I have been going to this absolute gem of a place and Love it!  I never get sick of it and being there always puts a smile on my face.  Rylee didn't come with us, she got to spend time with her Grandparents (Robinson, and Johnson).  On our way my Dad and Amanda picked her up in Provo and we headed to Lake Powell. 
       I was shoked at how much Rushtyn loved to jump in the water... No hesitation; jumped off the boat, the cliff, and the tube.  He still talks about the lake and swimming if he sees pictures.  The weather was perfect.  We never had a storm which, is rare at Lake Powell.  It got a little toasty our last few days.  We went on Saturday to Wednsday which, was awesome.  Jared and Shyann's family was a lot of fun and took me back to the days of learning how to ski.   I remember the days of trying to learn how to sloam ski and crying out in the water b/c I couldn't get up:) haha.  Love those memories.  I am grateful my parents took all of us kids there annually to create memories.  Anyway... enough memory lane.
      We spent a lot of time hanging in the canyons swimming, stopping at the dock for ice cream, wakeboarding, eating, laughing and playing some more!... Oh and visiting in the dark while bats flew around us! ahh.  Don't worry Brace was swinging a bat around and got one! Yeah, like 'Great Outdoors' style:)  Our trip was so much fun and thanks to Jared and Shyann! Typing this in the Fall makes me already miss summer!! Boo
       Below are pictures from Lake Powell...
Our family photo at the Defience House (ancient ruins)
 Rush Jumping off a cliff. 

 Gotta Love cruising the lake!
 Fishing wasn't reall successful this trip. Not too many boils.  One morning before wakeboarding we thought we would fish a little.  Nobody was catching anything.  Leave it to me to sound the alarm, "Fish ON, Fish ON!", um yeah it was a snag.  I was so excited to break the silence and prove that I had the magic touch:)  I felt a little dumb when even the kids were laughing, haha.
 Our little fish!

                                   Notice the car!? He needed the car for the long boat rides:)
                                                           Hiking to the ruins.
                                                              Almost there....

 Trevor and Rush played really well together.  Rush also, followed Jace around to see what adventures he was up to. 
 Stopped in a canyon to have lunch.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer..~part OnE

Where did summer go??  I am trying to play catch up on the blog!  We had a fun summer and experienced new things.  The summer started out moving to Laramie WY, memorial weekend.  Not knowing anybody, I was a little concerned how it would all work out.  Lucky for us, our ward had some young families who had kids around Rush and Rylee age.  There were play groups every week which, helped me network with some fun ladies.  Brace was busy with school all summer until Aug 3.  So, June and July we mainly went to the park, splash pad, wading pool, and the Rec. center pool weekly.  Laramie, has a ton of really nice parks. The weather was perfect (not too hot and plenty warm). 
           In June we had to go to Northern Utah for school.  On Fathers Day we went to Wolf Creek and met up with the Johnson's.  It was much needed and so good to see family.  A month without seeing family seemed long (we had to ease into not seeing them).  After playing a Wolf Creek for a day we went to Mandy's house and got to hang out with all the Robinson cousins:)  It was a fun trip!
          In July, we enjoyed the 4th of July at Washinton Park and a BBQ with friends.  Also, in July Laramie has Jubilee days, where I ran a 5k and took the kids to the parade.  The Mcrae's stopped by to and from UT.  I was so excited to have them come and stay with us! We went rock climbing with the Camacho's and Wessmans's.  I wasn't quite sure what we go ourselves into.  Yeah, it was legit climbing with gear and everything!! I would consider myself an athletic person but, there were a couple times where I was breathing hard against a shear cliff, looking down at the distant ground, thinking, "WHAT am I doing!".  Brace of course was a natural and impressed the pros that it was his first time.  When he got down from the cliff, he admitted to me, he was a little nervous that only a rope was there to avoid a fall! 
           Our summer in Laramie turned out to be great!  We made memories and had fun!  Ausgust,  Now that it is becoming fall, I am leary of the dreaded "Wyoming winters".  I will just try to savor the great summers here! 
           Below are several pictures that are completely out-of-order.  Oh well:)
Rush at the splash pad.
Trying to enjoy the parade...Rush wasn't so sure about the loud fire trucks and the kids spraying the crowd:)
We spent a lot of sidewalk chalk time.
Brace and Rush at WWCC on our way back from UT in June.
Uh oh, got carried away with chalk.
Rylee loved the fountain at the Rec pool.
Checking out the fire truck at the park on the 4th.
4th of july
Our first week I took a pic of this sign.
4th of july park
Jubilee days 5k with Brandy.
Rush and his friend Max played while we took turns climbing the cliff.
Ry was a trooper.  We had to hike from the car about 3/4 mi. to the rock climbing spot.

I was all smiles at this point.  About 50 ft higher I started getting nervous.  I did make it to the top though.
Wolf Creek with Amanda Jean!
Hanging at the splash pad.
These two went with me almost everymorning for a run in the jogger.  They were great sports!

Rush loving the pool with Dad.
Rylee at Mandy's house.
Enjoying the pool.
I wanted to post this, b/c I don't have many pictures with just me and my dad.
We checked out the local historical attraction.  The Frontier Prison. 
Rec. Pool.

He is pointing at the moon.
We stopped at Little America in Cheyenne, we love their ice cream cones!

The train park... his favorite.
I planted some flowers for summer.
Visit with cousins.  It was fun to have them stay.
 Playing with cars daily:)
Rush helping Brace put his new car bed together.