Sunday, July 1, 2012

[ rushtyn ]

Yes once again I am way behind on our blog.  Rushtyn turned 2 on May 12th.  I cannot believe he is already two.  Crazy how time flies.  We just love this little guy to pieces! 
A little bit about Rush:
At his check up he was 57% in weight and 91% in height.  He loves mac n cheese, grapes, toast, noodles (raman) and almost anything Brace and I are eating.  He is a good eater.  His favorite treats are powder doughnuts and popsicles.  I bought dougnuts once and ever since every time we go to store he asks for them:)  His favorite toys are cars/trucks, riding his bike, and playing w/ his train.  He loves playing outside at the park, swimming or drawing with sidewalk chalk.  Rush is sweet to his sister most of the time;)  His latest is he  thinks he is big and pushes Rylee around in the stroller.  He is vocabulary grows daily and one of my favorite words he says is, "water".  He says it with an "L" sound and it makes me laugh every time.  I know this wont be funny in school but, for now we don't need a speech patho.  He loves to go to nursery and asks to put on his church shirt during the week b/c he likes it so much.  Rush still loves to play chase and is starting to run away at the wrong time laughing.  He is definately a busy toddler!

We celebrated his birthday a couple days early to accomidate our moving schedule.  The party turned out great and was a lot of fun.  Here are a few pictures that Aubri (my sister in-law) took for us. 

                                                             I just love this little boy!

                                                             Rusthtyn's Party
One of the snacks.  Rush thought these were pretty cool b/c they looked like cars.  
Our little fam at the party.
Got a picture with Ry at least.  Rushtyn was too busy playing with everyone and his toys.  It was an exciting day for him:)

On his birthday we went as a fam to Kanaraville for a picnic.  It was just what we needed something low key and relaxing before moving from So. Utah. 

                                Rush waving to the tractor from his bike, "hi tractor",  he kills me. 
                                                             Rush riding his new Strider.
For his actual birthday morning I made him Mickey pancakes.  And now ever since every other morning he asks for "mickey cakes". 

Rush dove right in to his presents notice the back pack and sucker, haha.  The McRae's were leaving to Omaha so, we had to get a pic of the cousins.
So, this cake may not be "cake wars" quality but, I was pretty excited about it.  I am not a cake decorator at all!!  With some help from my creative Mom we pulled this off.  The frosting was difficult to decorate with but way tasty!  No offense fondunt but, buttermilk with almond extract is way better:)