Monday, May 7, 2012


We went camping with Brace's parents and Jared's family.  Brace had a great time playing on Jared's toys:)    Luckily it warmed up for us to have fun in the outdoors and not spend too much time in the trailer.  I was a little worried at first. 

  Rush kept wanting to play with the toys and four wheelers away from the camp fire.  So, Brace told Rush there were Bears out there (out away from the fire).  Yeah this worked but, backfired too.  He didn't want to run away while at the campfire anymore but, was soon terrified that bears were out there.  That night he would point outside of the trailer and say, with big eyes, "burrs", and get nervous.  I think he may of had a nightmare of bears!  It was kind of sad but, funny too:)

Jared and Shyann had a play room in their trailer with toys, so of course he was always headed over there.
There were train tracks a little ways from camp.  Rush loved it.  He likes the cartoon Chugginton so, he thought it was pretty cool.
Rush couln't get enough of the four-wheelers aka "vroom vroom".   Brace took him on several rides but, in the mean time he would just sit and play on them:)
                                                         Rylee, hanging with Dad.
Rylee spent quite a bit of time in the trailer the first half of the trip.  It didn't get warm until Saturday afternoon.  She would sit up in the bouncer to try and get her toes. 
                           Before we left camping we colored eggs at Grandma Johnson's house.
Earlier that week we had a fun easter egg that Julie and Kristie hosted.  Rush really just wanted to play in the backyard.  I pretty much made him get at least 4 eggs. lol!

We had Easter fun all week long.  It got us all excited for Spring time and cannot wait for summer:)