Monday, April 23, 2012


March happenings:
First weekend in March we went to Rett's baptism and we also went up to Salt Lake to see baby Millie.  It was fun to get out of town and see family!  Brace had a birthday!  We were on the road for his b-day and so when we went up to see Millie, Janelle had whipped up a cake for Brace. She is so cute and sweet, love her!!
We had a mini party for Brace a day late in Cedar.  A few days after returning from our trip we received great news:)  Brace got accepted to UWY!  We are very excited to start a new chapter in our lives and move forward.  I am so proud of Brace and his hard work!  We are counting our blessing and feel like the stars are aligning for us.  We will be moving May 11 or 12.  I am not sure if I am totally ready to move again; ready or not:) 
Brace had to take a CNA class in Orem for two weeks which, was hard.  He came home on the weekend and had class Mon-Fri.  Me and kids went for walks, read books, and hung out with friends and family.  On St. Patrick's day I did my first 10k post Rylee.  I was pleasantly surprised with my time considering the furthest I ran was 4 mi. once before the race (yeah I was a little sore).  Shyann drove down to do it with me.  The Spectrum 10k has a great route through Snow Canyon State park and the weather was perfect.  We then shopped (kidless woot woot) for a few hours.
 The end of March we went to Millie's blessing and hung out with family again:) On this trip I lost my phone and all 300+ pictures:(  On positive side it was great excuse to get a new one!  We stayed at Jared and Shyann's for most of the weekend and hung out with their family.  A side note-Brace and I wanted to go for a short ride to get kids to take a nap and we happened upon that color festival in Spanish Fork, haha. We got in a huge traffic jam on accident.  It was intriguing to see all these people covered in powder paint.
We also went to circleville for confrence weekend.  Katie and her girls celebrated easter a week early so we joined in on the festivities.  Rushtyn went for a horse ride with Brace and we enjoyed the fresh air:) 
Here are some pics of the month of March.

Rushtyn cried when he had to get off.  It was funny he was stroking the mane and saying "nice".
Brace had to take a candid head shot for school so, I thought I would post it:)
                                               Rylee bundled up while they were horse riding.
easter egg hunt.

                                                 She loves her jumparoo. 

Rush wanted Rylee to lay by him,  apparently to drive lightening mcqueen on?

You can pretty much see Rush driving cars or trucks around the house daily! (don't worry he got a hair cut)

                                 Little blurry but, its the only pic I had of his mini party. 

The cake Janelle made last minute to make Brace's b-day special

Janelle with Rylee looking fab and me looking like I am about to attack her.  Things I do to get a smile out of my kids:)

                                                              Love sweet Millie:)

                                         Rylee enjoying tummy time and loves to roll over.
I was wanting to do something fun with Rush so, we built a hut and read books.  Now, almost everyday he will get a blanket and say, "hut, hut". 

Rushtyn and Trevor were playing in the bathroom at Jared and Shyann's  They thought it was so funny that they were in the shower:)

Friday, April 13, 2012


The happenings of February:
I turned 27! One year older and wiser too...right;)
Brace and I went on a road trip to WY for a school interview. We went over Valentines day and I coulnd't have asked for a better date, ha. I love road trips and just visitng, laughing and site seeing. It was super fast and we pretty much only had time to sleep, eat and drive. We stayed in Evanston the first night and on our way back we stayed in Heber. Marilyn watched both kids (Rylee's first night w/o me) which, was so nice of her! It was just what we needed.
We moved! (in Cedar City) Having our own space has been so nice and we are really enjoying it:)
We got a new neice- Millie Kaye McRae
Rush and Rylee are growing up fast. Rylee is getting more and more fun (less maintenance) and I love Rush's new words everyday.
We set up her jump-a-roo when we moved. She loves it! I feel like just yesterday Rush was jumping in it, time flies.

Rush warming up for the morning:) Prob. watching a little Mickey Mouse Club House.

We went to St. George to get a little warmer weather. It was fun, used a gift card to Texas Road house I got for my b-day and played at the park. Rush would run and run while we chased him:)

Who knows maybe a future football player:) He wouldn't put this down the whole time.

My birthday- kinda crazy pic but, I had to post it b/c its our busy life:)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Wow- I can't believe I am so far behind on my posts! This is my only form of scrapbooking so, I didn't want to skip over everything. I left out several pics but, here are a few of what we were up to in January.
At the beginning of the month we went to our nephew Tyce's baptism. It was a lot of fun to see family and just get out of town. Unfortunately I didn't get any picutres, I was busy with kids and hanging out.
We took Rush swimming and it ended up being tons of fun. On a week day night in the heart of winter there is not a crowd, which was nice.
The weather was pretty mild in January so, I was able to take the kids to the park a couple times:)

Rush loves the slide! He would have me count and then he would say, "doe", and push himself down.

He would climb in Rylee's swing, haha, he even would want me to put the blanket on him like her:)

Rylee started enjoying her toys.

Headed to meet Kirt and Marilyn at Costa Vida. Almost every Thursday, we meet them on their way back from the temple. It has become a fun little outing (I get soo excited to leave the house!)