Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

I know 2012 has started two months ago, but hey I have to catch up. Trying to stay on top of blogging is hard stuff sometimes:) New Years eve was spent at the Johnson's residence with all the fam. It was a lot of fun and of course we had to play a highly competitive game of bingo. During the game someone said, "we aren't playing for fun and games, there are sweet prizes on the line!!". That someone may have been me:) Hey when you are on a tight budget gift certificates are the best!! Anyway, it was a great time as usual and we created new memories.
We are excited to see what 2012 has in store and can only count our blessings from 2011!! Happy late New year;)
Lately I have had a hard time getting pictures of Rushtyn b/c he is always on the go. Luckly Ry can't run away. New years Day before church.
Me and Nelly power

Amanda was way excited by the end of bingo:) I think in this picture it was starting to get a little late, notice the arched back and Brace giving me the look, ha.
My best buddy!
We played Gestures before the big bingo game.Rushtyn wanted in on all the action, including the blowers. I think I had to hide this from him later that night, haha.
She loves her swing...every morning while I am feeding Rush breakfast she will hang here.
He wanted to hike up the hill on his own. He looks so big trudging up it!
Markus and Rush trying out the hill.
After Christmas Rush couldn't get enough of his sleeping bag Santa brought him:)