Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I hope everyone had a great Christmas (now that its Feb.). This year we spent Christmas in Circleville. It was nice to see everyone and just relax. Rushyn was a lot of fun Christmas morning. He wanted to play with every toy right after opening. It took all day to get through everything especially with church breaking it up. Rylee was sweet and slept through most of the present opening!
Here are a some pictures from Christmas Vacation.
Our baby girl enjoying her first Christmas..

Rush seems to be pretty fascinated with a bird:)

We love our little buddy!

After Church I wanted to get a cute picture by the tree in our sunday best...um yeah didn't quite work out like I planned:)

Christma moring picture (-) Rylee she was still sleeping.

I think we were all ready for bed early on Christmas eve, ha. Rush starring off and Rylee crying.

I don't know how to take pictures:) Brace was so cute with Rush and all his toys

Christmas Eve with kiddies

The fam. all hanging out, of course Brace is enjoying a Pepsi:)

She is fascinated with her Dad:)

Trevor and Rush play really well together, its nice they are only 3 mo. apart. The kitchen was a hit;)

Hanging out in the car while waiting for Robinson Family pictures... Rush was loving sitting in the front seat.

Rushtyn's first attempt at sleding, haha, We weren't prepared. We just wanted to take Rush for a quick couple runs and it turned out perfect-short and sweet:) He loved it..."one moe!", "one moe".

She has been a smiley baby and we love it! Her HM is still there but, hey what do you expect from a little lady!

Rush loves the "baby" bath. He was helping me bathe Rylee and when I took Rylee out turning my head for a min. he was in!

He loved helping decorate the sport themed tree. Taking the ornaments on and off to play with the "balls".

Rylee enjoying some Daddy time.

Rylee chillin on the couch at the Jenkins while we were up visiting and shopping.

Rush playing with the boys and obsessed with the helicopter.

Our little chubs being happy!

Rylee already has a good scowl working. Ha Love it!