Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tis the Season

Can I just say... I love Christmas time. Really it is after Thanksgiving it all starts. Most things Christmas get you in a good mood, the music, movies, treats, everyone saying (well a lot of people), "Merry Christmas", the giving spirit; the list goes on.We are enjoying the Christmas season!

Lately, I have been wanting to watch Christmas movies and now that I have kids it is an excuse to watch the kid ones like, Muppet Christmas Carol. I love that one, ha.
For Thanksgiving we spent it with the Johnson's in Las Vegas. It was a ton a fun and nice weather. Swimming and playing outside aren't typically Thanksgiving traditions. We shopped, played games, watched kids, visited and ate good food. Can't complain:) Rushtyn has already unwrapped a couple presents and loves doing it. He loves santa, everytime he sees a picture or decoration of him he says, "Ho ho". His first encounter was at Bass Pro Shops over Thanksgiving. When he was done sitting on his lap he turned, waved, and said, "bu bye". His newest thing is telling us , "one moe" and holding up a number one with his finger, after Brace tosses him in the air. Before he would cry when Brace was done playing with him, so he taught Rush to just say " one more", instead of crying. He now will do it with anything fun he is doing that he doesn't want to stop. It worked but, Rush's "one more" isn't one:)
Lately he has been a lot of fun and a lot of work:) The hitting stage has started and he has tested the waters with his baby sister, which is NOT fun. I feel like I turn into monster Mom when he hurts her, ha. Luckily he is growing out of it! He has started to touch her soft and say, "Nighh" (nice), so I think he is catching on. Rush still loves her despite testing reactions.
Rylee is getting big fast. At her two month Dr. visit she was 84% in height and 62% in weight, so she is a healthy baby. I have to say though, she has been a totally different baby than Rush. Crying is an everyday thing, and typically she just wants to be held, all the time. Thankfully, she is adorable and has stolen our hearts with her new smiles and giggles.
Also, we had her blessing the first Sunday of December. It was wonderful having friends and family support her/us. Brace did a great job and Ry looked beautiful. We are so thankful for family and good friends.
Here are a few pictures (I have a lot more but I think I am done uploading pictures)

I had to post this picture... Our attempt at a family picture goes something like this...