Monday, November 21, 2011

!~ Happenings~ !

I am slowly catching up on life. I seriously feel that I am in a fog and life keeps going but I am in baby world. I swear just the other day I was pregnant chasing Rushtyn around and now I have a 6wk old newborn and an 18 month old. Time is going by too fast, I feel like, try as I might I can't catch up. Ha. Two kids has been an adjustment and two kids close in age is an additional adjustment. Needless to say I wake up every morning happy to be a Mom to two kids. They bring such joy and love, along with spit-up, diapers, naps, and a few tantrums. You gotta love it!!
I don't know where October went and November...what the? I guess since Oct. 6 I have kind of been out of the loop. Halloween was fun this year. Rush actually could go trick-or-treating and enjoyed it. Brace and I laughed a lot watching him run around in his costumes. The Dumbo ears were flapping in the wind when he was running down the side walk. Haha. He was amazed that people were giving him candy. He wanted to eat it as soon as they gave it to him:) Rylee of course only got to pass out the candy this year:)

Since Rush recently hit a milestone age I thought I would write a little about him. Lately he has been making us laugh. He is now 18 months so, he is officially in nursery and growing up so fast. I am loving his age right now b/c he can understand us. Speaking of nursery he loves it and he is the youngest in there so, the older kids adore him. It was funny he climbed into the baby cradle they have for toys and pulled up a blankie. The 3 yr old girls come over a pat his cheeks saying, "oh cute baby" and playing with him. Rush is already winning the girls over, haha. He says "essus" now and knows to fold his arms during prayer (thanks nursery). He is my little helper. I say, "will you take this diaper to the garbage", he then nods his head and races to the garbage. He wants to play with Rylee to the point he brings her his cars to play with. The other day he wanted her to go down the slide so, I pretended to have her go down. He laughed and thought it was great so, we spent the next 5 min doing it. Also, if Rylee touches him by stretching or something he laughs and pretends she is ticking him:) He knows to get something including candy and pepsi all he has to do is say, "ease". We wanted him to say please and thank you so bad we used "bad" treats. Ha. Great parenting I know. Lastly, the other day Brace was working and I was putting kids to bed solo. The night quickly turned choatic, Rylee was bawling Rush was running from me thinking it was time to play chase w/o a diaper etc. I started to stress and get flustered and Rush comes up to me and started patting his back and I realized he was mimicing what I was doing to Rylee. It put a smile on my face and lightened the mood. We just love him to pieces.

Another milestone was our 6 year anniversary Nov. 4. Crazy how much has changed in 6 years. We were able to go on a hot date Friday night, unfortunately no romantic getaway this year. Kind of hard with a newborn. It was so nice to get out and have a break from our little ones and spend time just us!

Here a few pictures from the last several wks.

Rush was so much fun dressing up. We started out the night in Mickey Mouse and finished in Dumbo. haha. He looked cute in both. Our Rylee bug was a lady bug:)

Rylee Bug

Rush enjoys the bouncer more than Rylee.

Didn't love the bath at first. This was her first bath at home.

Friday, November 18, 2011

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