Friday, September 16, 2011

Robinson Reunion aka Bow Hunt

I am trying to get caught up with usual. The 3rd weekend of August we went to the annual Robinson Reunion on Monroe Mtn. It was nice to see family and spend time in the mountains. I was a little worried being 32 wks pregnant and having Rush running around camp but, it turned out great. We went on a family 4 wheel ride, spent time at the camp fire visiting, and of course got our fair share of smores. Its always a good time camping with the fam:) Here are a few pictures.
Our little family

Rush was in heaven...notice the muddy shoes...yeah I gave up in trying to keep a 1 yr old clean in the Mtns.

Brace insisted on bringing Rush's little 4 wheeler, ha. It turned out to be a hit and he loved cruising around camp on it:)

Busy boy