Thursday, August 18, 2011

We love summer...

I haven't posted all summer! Finally now that we are approaching the end of August I posting! I must admit Summer is my very favorite season mostly b/c it usually means fun in the outdoors, which we love.
We were fortunate enough to have a lot of fun with family and friends. Below are pictures of our adventures.
Most recently we went to Lake Powell, which is always a great time. Despite not being able to do the usual at the lake it still was a blast. We went on a long cruise up to the San Juan Arm which, is the furthest up the lake we had been. The weather couldn't have been better and of course the water was the best (bc I was pregnant and couldn't ski/wakeboard haha) Rushtyn loved playing at the beach and swimming. Although, by the end of the trip he was sick of his life vest:) The end of July we went to Torrey to visit my Grandma and Grandpa's. It had been quite awhile so, it was nice to go. While there we went fishing on the Boulder Mtns and four-wheeling. I love that area and every time we go I think, "we need to come more often". In July we celebrated the 4th at Wolf Creek and had a lot of fun swimming, playing tennis, horse shoes, volleyball and just vegging. For the 24th we went to Richfield to spend some time with Brace's family. We were able to visit with family we hadn't seen in a while (Hansen side). In June Rush went on his first real hike and to Sand Hollow with Jared's family (I couldn't upload the pics from that, broken camera).
And inbetween our adventures we spent time playing at the baseball field, parks, and swimming. Needless to say we have had an enjoyable summer thus far. With Brace's busy summer school schedule we still managed to have fun!!
He was so almost too independent for comfort:) Walking in the water and playing in the sand we were his favs.

Markus and Brace cliff jumping.

Fishing for some stripers..

San Juan Arm


More sand play...

He loved to pretend he was driving the boat... he kept saying, "voom voom"

I had to get a belly picture at Lake Powell...30 wks

Grandpa's backyard in Torrey

Volleyball game at Wolf Creek

Marc and Brace scoring horseshoes.

My mom enjoying he two grandsons

Watching the prade Monday after the 24th.

Rush loved putting rocks in his bucket at Cooks lake on the Boulders

We actually caught some fish finally this summer...

Little family ride in in Torrey. Rush is in heaven when on a 4wheeler.

Still in PJ's and couldn't wait to go swimming.

4th of July in Huntsville...

An attempt at a family photo:)

Rush developed a love this summer for a ride on the "voom voom" He will coax anyone to take him on a ride, its funny.

Janelle and I at Amanda's graduation