Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Look Who Turned One~

Lake Powell Aug. 30, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

4 days old...

Rushtyn turned ONE May 12! Yeah I know I am a little behind but, hey better late then never:) I can't believe our little guy is one (well actually 13 months now, ha). I look back on his little life and I can't believe all the adventures he has experience! He has been such a trooper and so fun to take along. We can't get enough of his giggles and fun personality.

A little about Rush: He loves balloons, balls, rocks, dirt and anything he can get into. He calls anything round a "bah" (ball). I told Brace, "well you achieved him liking sports at an early age", haha. He also says "mom" and "dah". He gives kisses, and hi-fives. His newest thing is pointing to parts of the face... if we say where are your eyes he pokes us right in the eye:) He doesn't quite get "his" but, understands the concepts ha. His favorite snacks are: bananas, yogurt, veggie straws, and pretzels. He enjoys being around people and loves to play "chase". Rush also enjoys swimming, reading stories, music and playing OUTSIDE. Once outdoors he is in heaven. He is so ticklish and loves to get into anything (mostly things we don't want him to). Rush is animated with his facial expressions and mimics funny noises.

He took his first steps April 23 and started walking well the week after his birthday. As much as we anticipated him walking it opened up a whole new world of keeping an eye on him:) He now is starting to trot/run. Rush has 8 teeth and one molar coming in. When he was born he was at the top of the charts in height and weight, now he is 57% in weight, and 62 % in height. He still has his cute chubby cheeks and a sweet dimpley grin. We love our Rush and can't wait for many more brithdays!!