Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Once again I have fallen behind in the blog world. Instead of just updating current I have to start where I left off (back in March)! Here are just a few pics from March and early April.

During March Rush continued being very busy and lots of fun. Brace turned the big 3-0! We also went on a few picnics, hikes and a little adventure to Oro Valley/Tombstone AZ. I took another trip to Cedar City while Brace was working out of town I thought, "hey I don't want to chill solo in AZ, we are headed to UT!" Luckily Kiley drove with us to help with Rush (lifesaver). It was a lot of fun to see fam and friends as normal. Brace flew to UT to help me sell the boat (Jared and my Dad will have to let us tag along:) and to drive home with us. So, this pic cracks me up b/c he never would wear his sunglasses and all the sundden wanted them on. Ha they stayed on the whole walk.
Tombstone aka tourist trap. Lol. No it was cool to see everything but, it was a little too touristy.

The courthouse...

Us at the original saloon... now its a restaurant/bar.

Rush enjoyed this tiny rocking chair at Wyatt Earp's house.

Rush started loving the pool

Not so sure...

Rush checking out the boat that he never enjoyed...

Uncle Marc giving him a hari cut after he got his pictures taken...

The walks weren't quite as warm in Cedar...

Rush trying onthe bunny ears at Grandma Robinson's

We went on Camleback in Scottsdale...way pretty.

Sunday picnic

Such a happy boy!