Saturday, March 19, 2011

February Fun

February was fun filled. We started the month off by heading to Utah for Braxton's baby blessing/visitng family. We were able to stay in Circleville for the first couple nights then to Cedar. Brace had to go back to work on Monday however, Rush and I stayed and played the rest of the week and flew home. We were able to go to the Zoo for the first time. My friend Christine has an annual pass that gets one guest for free, so we came along. It was a perfect day. I turned 26!! Closer to 30 now, ugh! I convinced my friend Kim to run in a retro run with me. We had more fun dressing up. Rush is a lot of fun and has a strong will:) Ha. Anyway, that is pretty much our February. Here are a few pics.

Mi familia, Love em

The double mint twins... That is what Mr. T (the coordinator of the race) kept calling us.

Story time. He loves to hang out with Brace when he gets home from work. I think by the end of the day Rushtyn is sick of his Mom:)
Giggling with Dad.
High five... yeah his hands look like a little kid not a baby. Ha
He wasn't so sure about the goats at the petting zoo...

He is showing me his new trick.

Rush hanging out in the kitchen...being cute.

Brace made me a birthday cake... thought that counts:) And it taste good!
On my birthday we layed out with Kim then went to lunch... Not much of a base tan in February... haha. It was so nice!

Jerzi and Kenz came to play while we were in town. Its always fun to see these guys!
My family celebrated my birthday a few days early while we were in Cedar.

So, this pic was funny. Every time Aubri would turn on the singing candle Rush would lay his head on her shoulder. She thought maybe I sany happy birthday at night to get him to sleep:)

While we were in Cedar for a week we took a day and went to visit Gma & Gpa Robinson in round town. Its always fun to see family!!
Markus was practicing his piano and Rush wanted in on the fun....

Jamin out with Aunt Amanda... It was fun while we were there we got to watch some of her Cedar High games, and her sr. night.

We didn't really get any baby blessing pics. Rush kept wanting to play with Brax:)

Playing with his favorite toy!!! Next to the cell phone

Monday, March 14, 2011

Warm January

I am a little behind on pictures...I would just skip to recent photos but, this is as close to a scrapbook as I have:) January was such nice weather! We took full advantage of it by going on walks and visits to the park. Here are a few pics...

All ready for church.

Rush was excited to come to date night with Mom and Dad.

He loved the sand... I turned my head for a second and next thing I knew he had a mouth full of it. Ugh! Lesson learned.

He loves to climb in the laudry basket after I fold the clothes.


Was a little leary at first with the swing...

Rush engjoying the warm January weather at the park.