Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tis the Season

Can I just say... I love Christmas time. Really it is after Thanksgiving it all starts. Most things Christmas get you in a good mood, the music, movies, treats, everyone saying (well a lot of people), "Merry Christmas", the giving spirit; the list goes on.We are enjoying the Christmas season!

Lately, I have been wanting to watch Christmas movies and now that I have kids it is an excuse to watch the kid ones like, Muppet Christmas Carol. I love that one, ha.
For Thanksgiving we spent it with the Johnson's in Las Vegas. It was a ton a fun and nice weather. Swimming and playing outside aren't typically Thanksgiving traditions. We shopped, played games, watched kids, visited and ate good food. Can't complain:) Rushtyn has already unwrapped a couple presents and loves doing it. He loves santa, everytime he sees a picture or decoration of him he says, "Ho ho". His first encounter was at Bass Pro Shops over Thanksgiving. When he was done sitting on his lap he turned, waved, and said, "bu bye". His newest thing is telling us , "one moe" and holding up a number one with his finger, after Brace tosses him in the air. Before he would cry when Brace was done playing with him, so he taught Rush to just say " one more", instead of crying. He now will do it with anything fun he is doing that he doesn't want to stop. It worked but, Rush's "one more" isn't one:)
Lately he has been a lot of fun and a lot of work:) The hitting stage has started and he has tested the waters with his baby sister, which is NOT fun. I feel like I turn into monster Mom when he hurts her, ha. Luckily he is growing out of it! He has started to touch her soft and say, "Nighh" (nice), so I think he is catching on. Rush still loves her despite testing reactions.
Rylee is getting big fast. At her two month Dr. visit she was 84% in height and 62% in weight, so she is a healthy baby. I have to say though, she has been a totally different baby than Rush. Crying is an everyday thing, and typically she just wants to be held, all the time. Thankfully, she is adorable and has stolen our hearts with her new smiles and giggles.
Also, we had her blessing the first Sunday of December. It was wonderful having friends and family support her/us. Brace did a great job and Ry looked beautiful. We are so thankful for family and good friends.
Here are a few pictures (I have a lot more but I think I am done uploading pictures)

I had to post this picture... Our attempt at a family picture goes something like this...

Monday, November 21, 2011

!~ Happenings~ !

I am slowly catching up on life. I seriously feel that I am in a fog and life keeps going but I am in baby world. I swear just the other day I was pregnant chasing Rushtyn around and now I have a 6wk old newborn and an 18 month old. Time is going by too fast, I feel like, try as I might I can't catch up. Ha. Two kids has been an adjustment and two kids close in age is an additional adjustment. Needless to say I wake up every morning happy to be a Mom to two kids. They bring such joy and love, along with spit-up, diapers, naps, and a few tantrums. You gotta love it!!
I don't know where October went and November...what the? I guess since Oct. 6 I have kind of been out of the loop. Halloween was fun this year. Rush actually could go trick-or-treating and enjoyed it. Brace and I laughed a lot watching him run around in his costumes. The Dumbo ears were flapping in the wind when he was running down the side walk. Haha. He was amazed that people were giving him candy. He wanted to eat it as soon as they gave it to him:) Rylee of course only got to pass out the candy this year:)

Since Rush recently hit a milestone age I thought I would write a little about him. Lately he has been making us laugh. He is now 18 months so, he is officially in nursery and growing up so fast. I am loving his age right now b/c he can understand us. Speaking of nursery he loves it and he is the youngest in there so, the older kids adore him. It was funny he climbed into the baby cradle they have for toys and pulled up a blankie. The 3 yr old girls come over a pat his cheeks saying, "oh cute baby" and playing with him. Rush is already winning the girls over, haha. He says "essus" now and knows to fold his arms during prayer (thanks nursery). He is my little helper. I say, "will you take this diaper to the garbage", he then nods his head and races to the garbage. He wants to play with Rylee to the point he brings her his cars to play with. The other day he wanted her to go down the slide so, I pretended to have her go down. He laughed and thought it was great so, we spent the next 5 min doing it. Also, if Rylee touches him by stretching or something he laughs and pretends she is ticking him:) He knows to get something including candy and pepsi all he has to do is say, "ease". We wanted him to say please and thank you so bad we used "bad" treats. Ha. Great parenting I know. Lastly, the other day Brace was working and I was putting kids to bed solo. The night quickly turned choatic, Rylee was bawling Rush was running from me thinking it was time to play chase w/o a diaper etc. I started to stress and get flustered and Rush comes up to me and started patting his back and I realized he was mimicing what I was doing to Rylee. It put a smile on my face and lightened the mood. We just love him to pieces.

Another milestone was our 6 year anniversary Nov. 4. Crazy how much has changed in 6 years. We were able to go on a hot date Friday night, unfortunately no romantic getaway this year. Kind of hard with a newborn. It was so nice to get out and have a break from our little ones and spend time just us!

Here a few pictures from the last several wks.

Rush was so much fun dressing up. We started out the night in Mickey Mouse and finished in Dumbo. haha. He looked cute in both. Our Rylee bug was a lady bug:)

Rylee Bug

Rush enjoys the bouncer more than Rylee.

Didn't love the bath at first. This was her first bath at home.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Stationery card

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

~ Our Baby Girl ~

-Rylee Dawn Robinson-

We are so excited to finally have our sweet girl here! She was born Thursday Oct.6 at 9:56 am. Everything went so smooth and I couldn't have asked for a better delivery. She weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and was 20 inches long. The whole experience of having a new life come into the world was so special. I can honestly say I enjoyed it. Thank goodness for epidurals:)
I can't believe she is already 11 days old. Time goes by fast. Brace and I feel so blessed to have her apart of our family. The joy a baby brings is undescribable. It was so nice of all our family and friends who came to visit and meet the new addition. We are thankful for all the love and support.
When we came home my little sis had pink ballons and a sign up welcoming us. She was so sweet to make the trip with Braxton. The pink coconut cupcakes were the best!
Now being home we are adjusting slowly. I am not going to lie having two kids are hard, but I love every minute of it. Who cares if I don't put make up on all day, Ha. Her big brother Rushtyn gives her kisses daily and wants to hold her constantly. He will climb up on the couch and put his arms out, indicating he is ready. Sometimes he doesn't want to give her up.
Rylee is a happy healthy baby. We just love her and count our blessings!!

4 days old

She had to be under the lights for a day before we took her home...first tanning bed:)

Our family of 4!

I love this picture of Rush giving his first kiss to his baby sister. So sweet.

Rush checking her out.

I think Rush missed his mom. As soon as he walked in he wanted to climb up on the hospital bed. He kept touching my IV and saying "Ohhhh" meaing "ouch".

Friday, October 14, 2011

End of Summer

On labor day weekend we went up North to do some baby shopping and visit family. We stayed at Jared and Shyann's. It was fun to see their cute family and visit. Unfortunately Jared was on call so, we couldn't do too much with them. Rush loves playing with his cousins. Of course he couldn't get enough of all the fun toys at their house. Saturday we went up to SLC to see Nell and Marc's place. They only live a mile from the Zoo so, of course we had to go. It was a lot of fun and Rush enjoyed seeing the animals. Thanks guys for letting us use your guest pass:) Finally on Sunday we went up to Strawberry Resevior to see my Grandparents and have a dutch oven meal with the family. The weather all weekend was nice and warm!

The last weekend in August we went to another family reunion. This time it was the Johnson side (my Gpa side). We rarely ever see them so it was fun to see/meet some extended family. Here a few pics...

Our family checking out the giraffes. This was my favorite...there was a nice bench in the shade close to the animals. Ha. 36 wks walking around a hot zoo isn't the most comfortable.

Janelle and I trucking around the zoo pregnant:)

Brax and Rush at the end of the day.

Rush pointing at the tiger.

I think Brace liked the Zoo as much as Rush:)

I love this picture of my Great Grandma with Rush. She is 96 and doing well:)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Robinson Reunion aka Bow Hunt

I am trying to get caught up with usual. The 3rd weekend of August we went to the annual Robinson Reunion on Monroe Mtn. It was nice to see family and spend time in the mountains. I was a little worried being 32 wks pregnant and having Rush running around camp but, it turned out great. We went on a family 4 wheel ride, spent time at the camp fire visiting, and of course got our fair share of smores. Its always a good time camping with the fam:) Here are a few pictures.
Our little family

Rush was in heaven...notice the muddy shoes...yeah I gave up in trying to keep a 1 yr old clean in the Mtns.

Brace insisted on bringing Rush's little 4 wheeler, ha. It turned out to be a hit and he loved cruising around camp on it:)

Busy boy

Thursday, August 18, 2011

We love summer...

I haven't posted all summer! Finally now that we are approaching the end of August I posting! I must admit Summer is my very favorite season mostly b/c it usually means fun in the outdoors, which we love.
We were fortunate enough to have a lot of fun with family and friends. Below are pictures of our adventures.
Most recently we went to Lake Powell, which is always a great time. Despite not being able to do the usual at the lake it still was a blast. We went on a long cruise up to the San Juan Arm which, is the furthest up the lake we had been. The weather couldn't have been better and of course the water was the best (bc I was pregnant and couldn't ski/wakeboard haha) Rushtyn loved playing at the beach and swimming. Although, by the end of the trip he was sick of his life vest:) The end of July we went to Torrey to visit my Grandma and Grandpa's. It had been quite awhile so, it was nice to go. While there we went fishing on the Boulder Mtns and four-wheeling. I love that area and every time we go I think, "we need to come more often". In July we celebrated the 4th at Wolf Creek and had a lot of fun swimming, playing tennis, horse shoes, volleyball and just vegging. For the 24th we went to Richfield to spend some time with Brace's family. We were able to visit with family we hadn't seen in a while (Hansen side). In June Rush went on his first real hike and to Sand Hollow with Jared's family (I couldn't upload the pics from that, broken camera).
And inbetween our adventures we spent time playing at the baseball field, parks, and swimming. Needless to say we have had an enjoyable summer thus far. With Brace's busy summer school schedule we still managed to have fun!!
He was so almost too independent for comfort:) Walking in the water and playing in the sand we were his favs.

Markus and Brace cliff jumping.

Fishing for some stripers..

San Juan Arm


More sand play...

He loved to pretend he was driving the boat... he kept saying, "voom voom"

I had to get a belly picture at Lake Powell...30 wks

Grandpa's backyard in Torrey

Volleyball game at Wolf Creek

Marc and Brace scoring horseshoes.

My mom enjoying he two grandsons

Watching the prade Monday after the 24th.

Rush loved putting rocks in his bucket at Cooks lake on the Boulders

We actually caught some fish finally this summer...

Little family ride in in Torrey. Rush is in heaven when on a 4wheeler.

Still in PJ's and couldn't wait to go swimming.

4th of July in Huntsville...

An attempt at a family photo:)

Rush developed a love this summer for a ride on the "voom voom" He will coax anyone to take him on a ride, its funny.

Janelle and I at Amanda's graduation