Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catching up pics~

Rush loves his new rainforest jumaproo:) Rush and Trev... He had to finally meet his cousins ( don't mind his crazy hair:)

We went up to my parents property several weeks ago while we were checking out the fall leaves... it sure was a pretty drive. So cute...

He drinks better out of a cup than a bottle...haha.

Happy boy..

Crazy hair... We went to Red Creek hoping to catch some fish.

Pretty Sunset

Checkin out the fall leaves on Cedar Mtn.

He started sucking on his bottom lip...

Workin the comb over...

Me and my sisters at Nell and Braxton's baby shower.

Not sure if he likes the Mountains yet...

Walmart--- I took this with my phone.
Gotta love that face!
We went over to Circleville for Taylor's birthday...and boy Rush got to meet everyone all at once! It was cute they quickly added him to the party by putting a ballon on his wrist:)
We got a small taste of the Bow hunt this year... We never miss it! I guess that is what happens when you are in Maryland all summer:) Hanging out in the trailer... smiling and it

Silly Billy...