Saturday, August 28, 2010

~We're Back!~

We finally made it back from Towson, Maryland where we have spent the summer, well Brace is currently a couple hours away from Cedar right now as I am typing this:) Rush and I flew home last Tuesday, thankfully! We never would have made the 35 hour drive cross country. The 5 hour direct flight was much better. Brace's parents came to pick us up at the airport and when I saw them at the baggage claim I felt like we were just returning from a mini mission. LOl. I was so excited to see family.

All-in-all the experience was great and I enjoyed spending the summer on the east coast. We were able to see and experience many new things. It was hard to be away from family especially with Rush growing so fast but, it was nice to be away for bit to rely only on each other. Another thing that was hard was missing my family reunion, Lake Powell and of course the opening weekend of the bow hunt (yeah Brace was so bummed).
So, now we are going to try and squeeze a few of our summer loves in before fall comes full force...We are glad to be back;)

Smiles:) 3 1/2 months old
Our families are happy he is home (and us haha).

I was in the process of changing his close at my parents house and we tried on some sneakers...he looked so cute in his diap, so I had to get some pics.
Gotta love that face...xoxo

Farewell 707 York Road Apt. 4307...We made lots of fun memories and enjoyed our summer together. This was right before Brace took us to the airport.

This pic was taken with Brace's phone.. he and some of the guys were able to go to a Ravens vs Giants game. He had a lot of fun.
Our family:)

The gardens at Hampton house.

One of the many rooms...this place was really cool. The home was built in 1790 and back then it was a 7 hour journey from Baltimore. The home reminded me of the Disney Cinderella. It had the servant quarters with bells that would ring when they wanted something.

Front of the house.

Rush chilling in the morning.

Family pool time:)

Getting back from church...I just love this little guy!

We stopped at the Washington DC temple on our way back from Georgetown. It was so pretty!

National Cathedral
(Krystal, Me, Ashley, Brea, Sara)

Hanging out at the pool patio...nothing like the hot humid Maryland nights.

You can kind of see the deer in the back ground. Hampton dairy

Hershey Chocolate factory

5 lb chocolate bar

Trying out his new floatie!

My handsome boys!! Love em

Most of the girls...Me, Megan, Brea, Krystal, Ashley C, Ashley J, Marie, Jodi, Rachel and Sara