Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here a few picutres from July. They are not in order:) Rush has been so much fun lately. We love that he smiles all the time now. I am still trying to catch up on photos from this summer...its kind of fun to look at pictures from a month ago and see how much he changes.

Rush and I are little buddies during the day while Brace is working...we go to the pool and the "terrace".

This picture makes me laugh...I took it on my phone on our way to church and didn't realize he was giving us a peace sign:)

Little Daddy time before Brace headed to work.


Us in Aberdeen during a wind/rain storm. We walked into the baseball stadium and left soon after b/c it was so windy. I think there was a tornado watch that evening. haha. There has been several tornado watches this summer...

Notice his eye brow raise. haha.

On the 4th of July we went to Inner Harbor Baltimore and ate dinner at Dicks. It was a good time and afterward we watched a great firework display over the harbor.

As you can see Rush loved his 4th of July picnic...haha. During the day we went to a park and had a little picnic which backfired a little b/c I was paraniod about the bugs (ticks!) Made for a new memory:)
What a big healthy baby:) haha we love him to pieces. The end of July I checked his percentiles and his height is the 95% and weight 80%. Its good to know he isn't skipping any meals. lol

He loves bath time...

Rush chilling in his stroller at Mt Vernon.

George Washington's Home...This is a picture from the backside that is overlooking the water.

Mt Vernon is soo pretty.

Taking a little rest. haha.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

June 2010

I am trying to catch up and don't know where to begin, so much has been going on since the middle of May. I decided I would start back in June b/c I try to use my blog as a scrap book:) We are in Towson, Maryland for the summer, which is right outside of Baltimore. After Rush was born Brace had to fly back for work 8 days later and I flew 2 1/2 weeks later with my Mom. Rush handled the airport and the flight like a champ, much better than me! I felt so vulnerable with a new baby and barley healing myself...but luckily my Mom was right there to help me! Looking back I don't think I could have done it w/o her:)
Anyway... we finally made it out here. She stayed for a week which was wonderful to have someone to hang out with 24 7 while Brace worked. It was sad to see her go but, she was missed back home:)
Brace and I have had a lot of fun spending time together (when we can) with baby Rush. He is such sweet baby, even when he crys;) We have been visiting several historical sights (Gettysburg, Washington DC, Annapolis, MD, Bird-in-the-hand Amish country, Inner Harbor Baltimore etc.) and we hope to see more while we are out here.
Here are a few pics from June..... The pictures are out of order and I didn't have time to correct them:)

Brace and I at Lake Redman... we just decided to go on a Sunday cruise and Brace found this place. It was very pretty and relaxing.

Annapolis, MD Cathedral for the Navy

This was hard for us to watch boats driving by... we miss boating and Lake Powell:) Soon!!

My Mom with Rush on her last day in Maryland...we hung out at the pool terrace for a while.

Down town DC... btw we got rained on:)

Our Nations Capital

The George Washington Monument in the back ground...We took cover under some trees while it rained and of course Rush wanted to eat right then.

Getting back from church, I had to get a pic with Grandma.
All ready to go to church for the first time:)
Taking a bath in the sink with help from Grandma.... Its funny posting this picture b/c now Rush wouldn't come close to fitting in the sink:)
Brace decided to give Rush some spikes to go with his Rock shirt. :)
Sorry the picture is side-ways. oops. Down at Inner Harbor

Us at a Gettysburg battlefield...This was our favorite adventure so far. It was so relaxing to get in the country and very fascinating. The musuem was very well done and there is a traveling tour that you do in your car that was awesome. That evening we got a bucket of KFC and had a little picnic when the sun was going down. It was a fun trip!

Doesn't quite fit in his suit for his first pool visit:) Luckily he fits into it now! Its sad how fast he grows!

Amish country....I got a couple of other pictures but, couldn't upload them! Anyway this are was called Bird-in-the-Hand??huh weird name. There was another nearby town called Innercourse! haha, I thought the Amish were conservative:) My mom and I stopped to buy some strawberry jam and some peas from these cute little amish boys. We wanted to get a picture with them but, when we asked the Mom she said no, which I understand. Anyway, that is a little about our Amish trip.

Rush on his first airplane ride! My boppy pillow came in handy...he slept comfortable and it was nice for feeding on the plane too, plus it gave me some rest from holding him the whole time.
Brace strolling through the Gettysburg cemetary

Had to get a family photo with Abe Lincoln at the Gettysburg musuem.

I had to post this picture... Right before I left for the summer we got a 5 generation picture...
Rushtyn, Me, My Dad, My Grandpa, and My Great Grandma. My great grandma made Rush a quilt! It will be a treasure that Rush has a quilt his Great Great Grandma made just for him:)