Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Pics...

Here are just a couple pictures of him at 6 days old... It is crazy that he is now 2 weeks! Time flys by. I can't believe May is practically over and we are getting ready to leave until August:( He will be so big when we get back... hopeuflly I can update the blog this summer to keep you all posted with our new little family!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Rush is here!!!

Our Baby Boy has arrived:) We are so blessed and happy to have him in our home!!!

Rushtyn Brace Robinson
Wed. May 12
5:44 pm
8 lbs 12 oz
21.5 inches

I was supposed to be induced on Thursday @ 1:00 am however, Tuesday morning Dr. Gatherum called me and said hey is there anyway you could come in tonight at 12:00am(Tuesday night)!! There apparently was a scheduling error with Labor and Delivery and they couldn't do it until the following week if we couldn't come in that night...Um slight problem...Brace's flight home wasn't schedule until Wed. morning at 5:00am. I told Brace and he quickly scheduled a flight for that afternoon...luckily:) So, I called the Dr. back and said that would be fine...he wanted me to come in that morning to get checked on last time. I was barely barely even starting to dialate so, I started to stress about the inductions etc. but, luckily I had a huge list of things to do in 10 hours! The rest of the day I was cleaning, running errands, hitting up last min. walmart etc:)
That night I was sitting there folding the last of the laundry and I started to feel like I was peeing my pants... I thought uh oh... could that have been my water?? Yep it was.... I started to freak a little because Brace still hadn't landed in Las Vegas yet, and then my Dad still had to drive him from Vegas. In the mix of emotion, excitement and a little fear I felt so totally blessed. It was a testimony that prayers are answered... if the Dr. wouldn't have called me that morning we would have never changed the flight and Brace would have missed the birth!! Needless to say I had cold chills and was emotional when I reflect back.
My Mom came over and helped me gather everything and we went to the hospital at 12:30 am because L.D. said to wait until then unless I started to have strong contractions... I checked into the hospital got my IV set, filled out paper work and by then Brace showed up!! I was soo thankful to have him finally there:) A huge thanks for Nell, Marc and my Dad for helping get Brace there!!

The rest of the labor etc...coming soon...

First bath at home.

Jason and Aub with Rush...

Brace enjoying his time with him...I love it! He is always talking to him:)

We were up on the 2nd night with taken prob. around 4am:)

Nell and Marc came up from Vegas to hold the little guy:)

Kaycee couldn't wait to hold him

Uncle Markus...He loves him! They were up to State softball and baseball tourneys and he couldn't wait to get back to see him again!

Dad helpful

Grandpa Robinson

Grandma Patty... Saying Grandma Johnson makes me think of my own Grandma

Finally Home...

Getting ready to leave the hospital...

So Sweet

Grandpa Johnson...and aunt Amanda:)

I couldn't get enough of this little guy!!

Brace giving the first bath... with Grandmas standing by:)

Minutes after Rush was born

Getting ready to climb into the hospital bed:) Last belly pic

Brace holding him right after...
Not so much fun anymore... can't wait for him to come at this point:)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Maternity Pictures

I really wanted to get maternity pics and my good friend Linz offered to take them for us! She is amazing...Thanks again:) Although, I felt huge taking them I am glad I did for the memories. (36 weeks and 2 days) It is crazy to think that Rush is now here in my arms!