Monday, April 12, 2010

~Spring Pics~

I have decided I needed to do another udate on our blog while I have a little bit of time. The pictures aren't in order. I can't believe I only have one month left!! May 13th is the day Dr. Gatherum is inducing me...unless I go sooner. I have loved being pregnant these last couple of months. Feeling him kick every day is my favorite. He is soo active! I think it might be a sign of what he has in store for us:) Brace and I talk about how much we already love our baby; it's amazing!! We can't wait to meet him:) I hope this last month will treat me well (crossing my fingers). I am starting to feel quite big. LOl.
The last month or so I have been busy with Student teaching in the 4th grade. I just finished April 6th. I loved fourth grade...So, I think I could teach lower or upper because I enjoyed both! Brace has been aerating as long as the weather permits and has been selling alarms a little too. And we have been aching for warm weather so, we have done a couple hikes in Zion.
For Brace's birthday he was working down in Phoenix. Luckily I was able to take two days off of student teaching to meet him down there and hang out for several days in the warm weather! I made a baby Dallas Cowboys quilt with the help from my mom for his birthday. Eventhough it technically wasn't just for Brace he absolutely loved it! The trip was much needed and made it nice to leave snowy Cedar for a little while and just lay out at the pool. I was finally able to finish reading Undaunted (great book!), and get a sun tan. On our way back to Cedar we took our time enjoying the scenery, visiting and laughing (love road trips!). I have always wanted to stop at Montezuma's Castle on our way/to Phoenix but, in the past we never had stopped. We either were on a schedule or were with the whole fam. on our way to Spring training etc. So, this time it was just Brace and I with no we stopped. We had no idea what this Natl Monument even was but, it has always sounded intriguing. Brace and I were both presently surprised. It was ancient Indian ruins. It made for a fun little detour.
Last weekend I had my first baby shower that my friends Jamie and Linz threw for me. They are so sweet! It made me so excited to fold his cute little clothes and I had to open a package of diapers just to see how cute and little they were (I am sure I will get over diapers soon but, for now I can think they are cute!) We are underway with our prenatal class and I am so glad Brace and I signed up for it. We both need the information. A couple weeks ago in our class we were in the labor and delivery room and it just hit me our little blessing will join our family soon! I started getting all emotional... I looked over at Brace and smiled... he started getting emotional too. We just smiled at each other so we didn't start crying infront of our whole class. Lol. I honestly can say I am sooo thankful for Brace and our little baby! We cant' wait.

Easter 33.5 weeks

They had the cutest idea to have everyone decorate a onesie...
The diaper cake... (Linz took more pics of the shower.)
These girls are the best... Jame and Linz threw me the baby shower... Had to get a pic with the hostesses:) (35 weeks)
We went on a Sunday afternoon ride to Red Cliffs then went on to St. George to say hi to Jared, Shyann and their cute kids while they were vacationing.
Holding Trevor... making me baby hungry good thing I only have to wait until May 13th
They stopped by on their way back to Payson- cute lil Robinson's

Picture of Jace enjoying the pool...he was enjoying a chocolate bunny between pool jumps:)

Enjoying the warm weather with Shyann and baby Trevor.

Brace watching the kids swim. I know deep down he wanted to swim with them:) He is going to be such a good Dad...he already talks about how he can't wait to swim with our lil guy!

Brace and Danny hiking the trail!
Emerald Pools Me taking a little breather...haha

Sunday dinner @ 32.5 weeks, with my Sisters and sister-inlaw
The quilt I made for Brace/baby:)

Checking out the ruins on our detour to Montezuma's Natl Monument.

It turned out to be pretty sweet.

Brace and I after swimming. We had fun swimming in the was great to just relax.

31 weeks

After his birthday dinner...