Saturday, February 27, 2010


Okay... I am finally attempting to update the blog! I can't believe it is practically March! Man I have been slacking with blogging. So much has been going on lately. The end of December I had to quite my full time job with Nichols Development Group where I have worked for almost two years so, I could get my teaching license. In January I started student teaching at East Elementary and have been loving it! I am more than half way through, Wahoo! I am currently teaching in the 4th grade and enjoying it although, I miss my little 2nd graders. The only downside working in the elem. and being prego, is that I have had a consistant cold for about 2 months now and a case of pink eye. haha. Brace has been busy working in St. George quite a bit with lawn aeration and has worked at a couple shows with his cousin selling helicopters. We are planning on doing alarms this summer unless something changes from now until the end of April. Brace and I are getting so excited for our little Boy to come! Brace gets so excited to feel him kick...and I feel like I am just getting bigger and bigger. Lol. Good thing I have have friends and family to remind me that it is all part of pregnancy.
Here are a few pictures of the last few months...

My Birthday... Big 25!
On President's day I had the day off of school and Brace was working so, my Mom and I decided we needed to go enjoy the warm So. Utah weather. Hiking isn't quite as fun when you are bigger. lol
This is my last day with Mrs. Mosdell's 2nd grade class... they were a lot of fun.
One weekend in January Brace and I decided we needed a mini road trip and went to Zion. Unfortunately it rained and was way cold the whole time. It still was nice.

New Year's Eve...

Serious game of bingo on New Year's Eve... My Mom every year buys a bunch of prizes and we play bingo. It gets pretty competitive. haha

Brace in on the toys with the kids! I love it.