Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its a Boy!

On Wed. Brace and I found out the gender of our new little addition that we are thrilled about. We thought for sure the gender was going to be girl! To our pleasant surprise it is, "100 % boy"! After that Brace was beaming during the rest of the ultrasound, it made me laugh. We now cannot wait until he comes, May 21st!

Ps. We haven't had a working camera for two months however, I will post some old pictures when I get caught up with Christmasing :) and some of the ultra sound.
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and excited for Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pictures from fall 09'

I know these pictures are half a year old however, I wanted to at least put a handful up from the Fall. I am missing a lot of pictures (Thanksgiving etc.) but, since this is serving as our electronic scrapbook I figured something is better then nothing right.

Touch MD , a medical software company asked me to go to their plastic surgery convention in Seattle for three days. Here a just a few cell phone pictures. Brace had our camera on the rifle hunt with his Dad, Jared and Rett...too bad no one got anything to take pictures of. lol. Maybe next year hun!

This picture is blurry... (cell phone pic). Marci, Me and Ginger worked the Touch MD booth at a plastic surgery convention. It was a great experience and very fascinating. I was able to meet a few popular plastic surgeons and it was funny because I had no idea what a "big deal" they were. Lol. Marci had to clue me in.

Down town Seattle just outside the convetion center.

Kary Smith, Matt Marriot and Myself at the top of the Space Needle. It was a fun experience. I quickly realized business trips are not vacations...haha. We only had a few hours the last day to sight see.

Brace and I in Glenwood Springs, CO on our way back from Denver. It started to rain on us in the picture... We stayed in Vail and stopped at all these cute old mining towns.

The Hotel Colorado. We had to stop here to see if it really was haunted ( Zac and Kenz).

Brace and I downtown Denver...we had to hit up one of our favorites, the Cheesecake Factory.

The St. George Marathon that almost was.... I trained all spring, summer and fall for this fun event. However, I was so sick with the "flu" aka morning sickness I ended up not running. In addition to the morning sickness I was stressing about miscarrying etc. I called my doctor about three times before the race for him to tell me what to do. He said that I would proabably be fine but, I would have to be super careful not to get dehydrated or raise my body temperature to avoid miscarrying or problems with the fetus. (Thus taking it way slow...not what I had in mind). I was back and forth forever (keep in mind no one knew we were prego). So, literally the night before I decided not to run. Brace felt better about me not running and when I told my Doctor I ended up not running he said that was probably best for me. I still went to cheer people on and ended up running the last 2 1/2 mi. with Lacy ( sorry I bailed on ya). It was a bitter sweet to see all that training and the long runs with no final reward. That morning I was so bummed I didn't run it but, Brace pointed out that the next time I run the marathon I will have an extra cheerleader for me on in the crowd....that gave me cold chills and excitement for our baby on the way.

Jame Kat's wedding... Most of my close friends from high school. I remember being way sick that day and trying to hide it from everyone. lolJason & Aubry's wedding...

All of us enjoying the reception...sitting. Markus is in the background serving.
All of us girl... minus the new addition, Aubry ( sorry Aub my camera died)
Aubry's bridal shower
Brace and I hunting... Oh and speaking of hunting, in October I finally got my hunter safety!

This sunset was so pretty. Brace and I for a week in October went up Cedar Mountain like every evening to chase some big bucks we kept seeing. Thought I would post this picture.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New post coming:)

So, we have sooo much to catch up on since August (are you kidding me!). Where does time go??? Check back in a few, I should have some pics from Sept., Oct., & November. LOL... Oh and some exciting news that we will find out come Wed (16th).