Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still Catching up... August Pics

We got a pic while we searching for deer...

I caught a baby horny toad...

Enjoying the Mountains... little break from hunting
My Hot hunter!

Last Lake Powell trip of 09'

Lovin Life xoxo

Brace getting some air. whoot whoot

Markus and Brace are trying to talk me into jumping. lol

The couples... we were only missing Nells and Marc

Early morning glassy water... man I am already missin summer!
Cubby was able to invite 3 of her friends for her birthday... It kind of made me feel old... I remember being 16 once:)

Brace & Markus playing 500... they crack me up.

Good ol Pat! I just love her to pieces... She finally decided to relax:)

Uh oh I think they are picking Grandmas flowers... cute pic still.
All of us at the Rodeo...

Me and my cute nieces... The funny thing is that I was the one who almost feel off.

Brace and Rett Man getting ready to tube... don't worry I took them on a nice ride, only cuz Rett was on. :)

The 5k... Brace was goo to wake up early and support but, didn't run... he was afraid I would beat him. Lol