Friday, July 10, 2009

Lake Powell Trip 1

Our first Lake Powell trip was with my family the second weekend in June... the water was little cool and the weather was mild but, it made for a fun trip. It was kind of nice not being crazy hot at Lake Powell. Trips to the lake always make for Good memories:)

Enjoying the ride

On our beach there was some jelly mudd... Markus wasn't too thrilled to get a photo, haha
Marcus and Brace playing some 500
She cracks me up...
I look like a dork but Brace looks good... with pepsi in hand ;)

Brace & I went on a little hike while the water was choppy... pretty views
The whole group
Jason & Aubry, Cub my Dad & Nell
Brace getting some air
Lookin sleepy and not sure about being the first one to get in the water to wakeboard...
Marc and Brace relaxing
We went to the end of Navajo Canyon

Me, Nell, Cub & Aubry
We love spending time at the lake!