Friday, May 29, 2009

Mothers Day, Baseball/Sofball...Gotta Love Spring

What a happy person... I just love her! I am very thankful for my Mom & her strength, she is my hero!
A couple weekends ago I went up with family to State baseball to support my little sister & my Dad who is Cedar High's head coach. Having a great excuse to get out of town while Brace was in Denver working was nice. It was great to kick back enjoy the weather, lots of games and of course a little shopping. We also celebrated my Mom's birthday at the tournament. The whole crowd sang happy birthday to her, which was fun! Its always fun to be at the baseball park- Baseball ended up taking third & Softball did well...not sure the place?

We were husbandless all weekend...Just chilling with the fam. We had a great time cheering with my Grandma. Good Times. We all get real competitive and vocal at the games:) Me & Cubby
I am glad she was just a Soph. this year so we can watch a couple more years.
Baking in the sun... It was super hot... loving it
In between games we went to University mall. I came across- me! Its funny cuz this same picture was at the Provo Towne for like a year... And my bridals are almost 4 years old, Lol:)

Beautiful day for baseball
All the Johnson siblings - Markus

My Mom said it was a great birthday present to have her family all together...(just missing her two son-in-laws:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

SG Tri

In January I decided I needed something to work towards, so when Rach called me up to go swimming to train for the Tri, I was in! I did the Summer Games one a couple years ago and loved it so, I was excited to do another.
The swimming portion of the race was canceled, which was a bitter sweet. I thought, "oh good I don't have to get in that freezing cold water and mess with the transition". At the same time, all those early hours at the pool were a little bit of waste. Luckily I had been training for a 10k a while back and was ok running twice (run, bike, run). It was a lot of fun!

I was so happy to have Brace there cheering me on at each transition and taking pictures! Thanks babe:)

I had a blast and ended up taking 2nd in my division and 9th overall - I was pleasantly suprised! I even got a sweet plaque:)

Just enjoying the run- the weather was perfect once the wind stopped.

It was pretty cold that morning from the wind and I was a little nervous (if you can't tell)

Rach, Me & Amanda: These girls rocked it and I had fun training w/ them
All Done!

Monday, May 11, 2009


The Mash Bash 5k (Rach, Amanda & Me) We decided to do it that morning. My cousin Danny was in charge, so why not come out and support. I ended up getting some sweet gift certificates for taking 2nd in my division-it made it worth it ;) It was so cold and windy, but we did it!

A couple Sundays ago Brace and Markus played a little catch after dinner.

At work I was given some free tickets to the Rick Springfield concert at Tuachan...At first I wasn't even sure of who he was... I googled him and recognized a couple of his songs and thought why not. It will be a good little date night. It

He put on a really good concert and the best was to watch all the screaming Mom's- at one point there was even a bright pink bra thrown on stage. It was too funny- I must say for being real popular in the 80's he still looks pretty good for his age. The only song I really knew was "Jessie's Girl"
He looks a little better from far away... ha ha I feel like I almost got a little too close:)
A couple weekends ago we went over to Circleville and took the horses to Burrville and relaxed.

Taylor and Kaycee with their ice cream cones @ Burrville.


We are infront of Brace's Great Grandpa's old house in Burrville.

Last Monday we went fishing with Dan & Cathy up to Yankee Meadow. It was a lot of fun to get out of town and into the mountains. It has been a long winter and we can't wait to spend more time in the Mountains.

The Kendalls Dog getting a stick.