Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weekend Road Trip in NV

A couple weekends ago, instead of Brace coming home for the weekend we decided it would be fun to go on a little road trip to see some new things! We are always up for adventure:) We wanted to go to Death Valley b/c we had never been there before. Along the way there is this cool old Opera House that still has a functioning motel- (we decided we would never stay there, little creepy but, hey) The area was called Death Valley Junction, that apparently used to be a happenin place back when mining was really big in the area. Now, its practically a ghost town.
After our road trip we went to Vegas and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, which was sweet. Especially b/c we got a smoking deal on the room. Our weekend was a lot of fun! Its always nice to get out of town, see new things and be with the one you love.
Sitting in front of the long row of hotel rooms- this place was full back in the day.
Checkin out the old fire hose- This place was extremely interesingInfront of the old opera house- they still have a show there on the weekends.

There is a funny story behind this pic. So, Brace starts walking ahead looking in the windows b/c I was so fascinated with everything (no rock was unturned) - he rounds the corner, jumps and yells! Knowing something surpised him, I come over to see and round the corner. I even jumped after I knew there was something. This place was just a little bit creepy- the mannequins are super old and were covered in dust. At first it looked like a person, it was little creepy!

On this side of the building all the rooms are left untouched-

It was interesting to see how they looked 80 + years ago but, it was a little eerie b/c the rooms were covered in dust and not preserved at all- making it live up to the word "ghost town"

Brace said, "Ang if we broke down, I couldn't stay here, this is too creepy"

We have always wanted to go to Death Valley, the name alone sparks some curiousity. Anyway... It was a fun little road trip and much needed time together.

Notice the sign "Elevation -190 Feet"

Furnace Creek is a little Oasis in Death Valley. It was fun, there is a little museum of the early mining days. After furnace creek you can't see a tree for miles.

Death Valley National Park- Chalk it up- A couple years ago, Brace took a Geology class on National Parks, which I helped out with ;) Now, its kind of fun for us to go to as many as we can b/c "we" learned all about them-
I had to get a pick with this old fire engine, Brace was laughing b/c I just climbed right in for the picture.
The miners used these instead of the 20 mule team in 1894 to transport the mined material to Mojave, CA.
This is a tiny ghost town- they used to mine for Borax here. They hired chinese migrant workers to walk out on the flat and scrap the borax (the white stuff) off the soil all day long and then bring it back to this machine to filter it. Some days reaching 130 degrees. FYI Borax is was used to make many household items like cleaning agents. It pays to read those plaques, I would have never known that:) Part of the mining ghost town
Brace & I went by this reservation, where many of the houses were built out of this clay/gravel material- its crazy some can live out there with the extreme temp.

Taking a break from the drive:)
Gotta Love Road Trips

Angels Landing-Zion NP

My Mom, little sis. & I decided at the begining of March we would go on a hike @ Zion National park. We were planning on just doing a mild hike because my Mom was just finishing up radiation so, we were worried when she said, "hey lets do Angel's Landing". We did it and in record time (for us)! My Mom amazes me! The weather was for the most part nice. The trip was a much needed one for all of us to get out and enjoy the fresh air after a long winter! After the hike we stopped and ate lunch at the "Bit & Spur", it was a great day:)

Starting the hike:)

My cute Mom taking in the scenery

Along the way, there was still a little bit of snow in the shade.

Nelly was seriously making me laugh!

Almost to the top You know its a little hard core when there are chains involved...right:)
Look out- You gotta love the no makeup and no tan look -

Pic along the way-

A dad and his little boy were doing this- and my Mom and I thought we would try to make it look like I was falling off the cliff. Does it even kind of look real? ;) haha
On the way to the top! My little sis had to stop at this point cuz she was freakin.
Once to the top the views were breathe taking and my camera died at the very top:(
Sunset- I took just from my porch.