Monday, November 3, 2008

Having Fun in the Fall!!

I swear we drove all over Piute County, we probabley came close, it is the smallest county in UT. It was a lot of fun & great scenery. Brace enjoyed showing the Cutlers his "country"

Don't mind Brace's Air Head & my dirty face.
It was still really pretty eventhough all the leaves were gone.
We dropped into Junction & had to swing by good ol' Piute High. They were posing senior picture style.

Just enjoying the ride.
We had to stop & get a pic of us, it was really pretty looking down into the valley.
Enjoying the mountains prob. last time w/o Snow!
Lex & Clayt on the Kodiak Attack!

Brace getting ready to go!

My little Nieces Kaycee & Taylor... I wanted to see their costumes & I had to get a picture.
Anna hung out with Taylor & Kaycee while we went on our little ride, they became friends. Marilyn had some fun Halloween glasses we had them put on. (There is a sweet one of Brace & Clayt with the Halloween glasses on the Cutlers blog)
Brace & I @ the Haunted Hospital
I love how we are all smiling with this creepy masked character from the Haunted Hospital!
Nate & Maddie Weaver, Zac & Kenz Engle, Us, Clay & Lex Cutler
My little Pumpkin- Brace helped Markus clean his pumking out but, he wasn't diggin the pumkin carving.
Janelle & Marc, Us, Amanda & Markus... we carved pumkins & had dinner with my family.