Thursday, September 25, 2008

~So You Think You Can Dance~Tour!!

I am a huge fan of So You Think You Can it. Those of you who are fans would appreciate all the great live dances. My favorite was "Bleeding Love" and "The Garden". This Summer we decided it was time to go to the tour! Shyann my sis-in-law got tickets for us to go! I just loved all the dancers this season and 3 out of the top 10 were from UT! I got my hopes up a littel b/c I wanted to meet them! It was kind of tricky to work around my work schedule because it was on a Tuesday night but, I figured it out and made a fun little girls night and next day out of it! Tuesday night after the show I stayed in Payson with Jared & Shyanne and the next day we got our toe nails painted and shopped. It was great!!!
All the Dancers- my favs were Chelsea, Twitch, Joshua, Will & Katie
At intermission we had to go down to the stage and pretend we were sitting right there, haha:)

Loraine & Brittany (Shyann's sister and mom), me & Shyann (sister in law)
I have some fun video clips of a couple dances but, they wouldn't upload so check back!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weekend In Vegas

We all wanted to get out of town for the weekend and celebrate Lex's birthday. We stayed at my parent's time share which was nice and shopped a ton. It was nice to relax, laugh and just have good time. Brace had a good time with Clayt while Lex and I were in our element shopping, Thanks guys for a fun weekend!

We were on our way to Sunset Tan... ha ha we wanted to check it out at the Palms. Lame I know
Lex and Clayt Chillin

Lex and I thought we needed a pic with the Chippendales:)

It was fun to go on the big shot because we hadn't been on it in 4 years. I forgot how much fun it was:)
Cute Little Lex was really nervous, we were all giving her pep talks to go on it, even some guys in the line were helping her out. It was cute after she went all these people in line were giving her high fives for being so Brave:) This was right before we launched off, you can tell Lex is focused!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Family Pics & Going Brunette...

My Mom really wanted to have family pictures before she lost her hair from chemo... So, Janelle's sister in-law Mellisa came up from St. George on Sunday to take them for us. Thanks Melissa for coming up on a Sunday! We took our pictures up on Cedar Mountain on the way to our property...Sunday was the only day everyone's schedules worked out and we had to get them done this week because she is having her first treatment Friday. They turned out great and we had fun... Brace was a little bummed his hair was long... he had just got back from a horse pack camping trip and thought he could get his hair cut this week for pictures, didn't quite work out:)

Here are two pics. Kristie took of my monumental hair change! I have been wanting to try something different forever and I always chicken this time I promised Krisitie I would pull through:) Here are the before and after photos from my phone, sorry they are not great pics! I am now Brunette!! I really like it! When I told Brace I was going dark he was a little skeptical but, he really likes it too!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

~Lake Powell~ Labor Day

Labor day weekend is one of my favorite times to go to Lake Powell, the water is warm and the outside temp. is not super hot (especially not this year). Unfortunately at the last minute Brace wasn't able to come because of work... It was weird being there without him! I missed him tons:) We had a great time even though we got rained on and the weather wasn't the best! We had fun wakeboarding, skiing, swimming and crusising the lake--It was nice to spend time with family especially at lake Powell.
My Mom has always been the first to water ski, wakeboard & even cliff jump! This trip was a little different because she recently had surgery and wasn't able to do all of these things... but all the while as cheerful as can be! As some of you may know she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer about a month ago and had to undergo two surgerys since. I know it was hard for her to pass up waterskiing but all she said was, "I can't wait for next year?" She starts chemo. in a week and this Lake Powell trip is what she really wanted to do before starting this difficult journey. Thankfully she is Mrs. Positive and I look up to her in every way! Love ya Mom and thanks Dad for pulling me all over the lake:)

All of us... except Brace, we sure missed him this trip! (Markus has an Oreo in his mouth)Me & My Cute Mom
For the first time when we went to the Marina I didn't get a popsicle instead... hot chocolate!
We swam out to this rock just under the surface- it was funny how many deep scratches from past boat props hitting this rock there were!
Had to throw on the hoodies, it was a little chilly!
It was fun to watch Markus on his wakeboard- he was so determined :)

My two sisters and little bro. enjoying the lake
Janelle & I on the back of the boat checking out the dam- I am looking a little wind blown! yikes
Antelope Canyon Jason & I enjoying the ride
The sun-set just after a storm, although the trip wasn't the typical hot and sunny Lake Powell we sitll had a blast!