Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Bow Hunt aka Robinson's Family Reunion

So it was the annual Robinson family Reunion that had been held every year for over 30 yrs over the opening weekend of the Bow Hunt on Monroe Mountain. It is so fun to see everyone and hang out with family, especially telling stories at the camp fire. Never fails we always laugh at all the crazy stories Uncle Dave tells! Good Times! This is Brace's most favorite time... he said when he was really little he used to cry when they left:) awww, how cute! I was only able to be up there for Saturday and Sunday b/c I had to work. Brace on the other hand had to get up there early to set up our tent trailer last Thursday... 8 days later he decided to come home:) Mission accomplished, he got a deer! To be honest he wasn't happy b/c he is dedicated which allows him to hunt throughout the fall on all the hunts:( Now he can just go help his friends and fam. I might see my husband this fall after all!

Sunday after the traditional "church" in the mountains
Brace's Mom, sisters Mandy & Katie and all their kids.
Sunday Morning He & I had to go get it before Church, I wish I got a picture of him in his studly camo:) Sorry the pic is side ways, I took it with my phone and didn't know how to rotate it! Hanging out at camp
Jared & Shyann brought this sweet game similar to horse shoes but, with golf balls tied to string

Me & Shyann chillin at camp
The Robinson Camp
Steph, Teresa, Stacey & Mandy in our little visiting circle.
Jared & Brace loving their big boy toys!
Taking Taylor for a ride on the 4 wheeler, she is sure cute in her puffy coat:)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mountain Picnic

Sunday we decided to go for a ride on the mountain after church for a little picnic. It was nice to get out for a minute and relax. I love the mountains this time of year! Brace leading the way... haha we kind of just made our own trail:)
Here is our little picnic spot... it couldn't have been a nicer day!
Cedar Breaks... It always amazes me how close we are to so many beautiful places! This little Sunday afternoon was just what we needed!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Girls Weekend~Twilight Style

This past weekend we all went down to Las Vegas to join the Breaking Dawn party, hosted by Mikkel & Kassi. I went mostly for a fun girls weekend. I must admit the whole Barnes and Noble thing made me realize I was not even close to a real twilighter!! It was so fun to get pumped with everyone else anyway:) We started it off at Cheesecake Factory before we headed over to Barnes and Noble @ midnight. After Barnes and Noble we all headed to the apartment. It was sweet, when we walked in there was a cute poster (thanks to Chelsea) and decorations for Breaking Dawn. There were also themed treats which were great, thanks guys! I didn't even read that night, we just had a big slumber party and
talked all night (I haven't done that since high school). It was a blast!

In this picture I couldn't stop laughing because the eye holes are far apart and I couldn't see out of the right eye. It felt like I was twisting my head around to see out of the good eye. Candace & I couldn't stop laughing... maybe it b/c it was so late it was funnier then:) All the girls: Sara, Andrea, Mikkel, Holly, Me, Candace, Kassi, Chelsea & Lex
Right after people bought their books they started little reading circles- Lex and I thought it we would be fun to join, lol. Little do they know we were kind of mocking them:)

Hanging out at the pool... Thanks Mikkel for letting us stay:) Lex & Candace couldn't part from the masks from the crazy night before.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The 24th: Pioneer Day

The 24th my family went up to Kolob Res. for the day. We fished and went four-wheeling; it was great.

It was a beautiful day, nice & warm

Amanda & Brace catching a crawdad... that may have been just as fun as fishing for trout.
My parents are great, I just wanted to post this pic for my mom who is the BEST person I know & I am soooo thankful for her. She is always positive even when difficult trials come along!
I look up to her in every way!
Little Markus Cheezin it:)