Monday, July 28, 2008

Mountain Trip

Last Tuesday we had a little date night with my friend Tiff and her husband Jake. Right after work we took off from our house on four wheelers and were up in the mtns. in no time ( I love being so close) We went to Tiff's Grandpa's property and had tin foil dinners and drove to a sweet look off point! The four wheel ride was a lot of fun - Thanks for the fun night Tiff!!

Tiff being the guide:)
On our way...
Tiff & I Roasting starbursts

Behind Brace in the distance is Zion National Park... it was sooo pretty up there.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Gotta love Summer... Lake season:)

We had never done this before! We loved wakeboarding together- tons of fun:)

We can never get enough of vacations:)
I wasn't real good at spraying Brace while we double knee boarded... but he was!
Me trying to catch air...
Russ, Jordan, Jorie, Shyann & Kody enjoying the cool canyon... just after this we deflated the tube... taking too much room up and it caused Mandy to cut her foot!
Mandy cut her foot on the second to last day... she needed stitches, ahhh. Luckily we were surrounded by nurses & Drs. I wanted to be right up there to watch but, I about passed out watching Jorie put the numbing needle in her foot! I had to take a picture of Brace watching the sunset... I love the evenings at Lake Powell...perfect
Every night... warm weather and beautiful sunsets:)
Brace catching some air... he had better jumps but, I could never time it right.
Mandy and I enjoying the ride! Don't mind my glasses... they are Brace's little big!
We had a lot of fun with everyone!! Thanks guys

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cali. Family Trip

We had a family reunion in Oceanside California with my Mom's side of the family. It was so fun and relaxing! Thanks to my Grandpa & Jackie for the amazing rooms- they accomidated all 47 of us! Staying accross from the Pier and the beach was nice and convienent for us to hang out at the beach and then hit up the pool! At night we would go walk on the pier and watch all the crazy fish come in- some of my family members fished and I watched:)

Hanging out with family on the pier! It was fun to watch my family fish... besides all the gross fish bait!!! I was the rail police, all the kids would put their hands on the rail where are the blooding fish bait was... where is the Purell:) My family and a few of my cousins all went to the Padres Game.
We loved boogie boarding- coming up on the beach with hair in my face & all!

Jason and I getting ready to roast our hot dogs at the beach picnic! Notice our sweet roaster sticks... my Grandpa cut willows back in Torrey,UT for everyone, then widdled them at the picnic... what a good guy:)
Amanda & I just chillin at the picnic-
Aunt Cami & my Mom getting ready to take on the waves!
Cub & Brace Boogie Boarding!

We loved to shop and walk around Oceanside...its a cute old surf town.

Loved the Beach Cruiser, haha

By the end of the trip we were sore from boogie boarding so much, it was a Great Trip!!