Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Days

This past week we have done a couple of activities that makes summer the best!... going to the lake to wakeboard and going to the Mountains. We went up to my families property on Cedar Mountain on Wed. after work, Jason brought a date and the four of us went fourwheeling ( little dusty but a blast). It was so nice to get up there and smell that fresh Mountain air:)
Then Friday Jared and Shyann came down with their three kids for the weekend! It was fun to have a full house and hang out. Saturday morning we took our boat out for a fun day in the sun!

Tonight Alivia, Lex, Krisitie and I got together to watch the Bachelorette, haha. I made banana bread and Krisite brought creamies... it was a fun little girls night. I can't wait until next week!! Although, I am already worried about how I am going to watch it because we will be in So. Cal., on vacation with family! (Sorry fam. if you aren't fans, I have to watch the finale) Who do you think Deanna is going to choose? ( Jesse or Jason)?

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!

What a babe:)

On our way back to the truck the sun was setting, it was so pretty!

When I turned around to drive the boat while Brace wakeboarded little Jace wanted in on the driving action!

Don't mind the crazy hair, this isn't the best pic but it is only one the two- my camera died before we could take more :(

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wedding Day!!!

Janelle and Marc's wedding day was perfect! We were so excited for them as they start their lives together as Mr. & Mrs. McRae:) Last week was stressful for everyone and it was all worth it because everything came together nicely. It was so fun to get to know Janelle's in-laws and to hang out with family and friends. What a wonderful day:) The Reception was a ton of fun, it was all worth those late nights helping my mom and Janelle with decorating and preparing:)
Marc's cousin just had twins and we all adored them- Melissa is holding one.
Megan, Becky, Melissa, Me, Amanda and of course the bride!

Tammy, Shelly, Aunt Kami & Aunt Marci working the food table. We loved the healthy fruit and treats but the best was the dippin dots!!! After the line there was dancing, it was a blast. It was so fun to dance with Brace-it seems like once your married no more dancing. Janelle & Marc's first dance as a married couple.
Throwing the bouqet, she went to the top of the balcony to throw it.
We loved being able to just relax, visit with everyone and eat dippin dots :)

What a great couple!! I had to get a quick picture in between people in line.
My Bro Jason and I, what a good guy:) And my little Bro Markus- what a little stud in his tux!
They were getting ready to cut the cake.
It all truned out really well!

Nellie and Marc at the Luncheon
Janelle and some of her friends at the temple
Sisterly Love-
I was incharge of taking picutes of all the tables at the luncheon, here is just one
My amazing parents!

What a hot couple, Woo woo

Brace and I had to get a picture, Deja Vu almost 3 years ago! Other than the fact it was November and we weren't melting in 100 degree weather:)
We were trying to find shade inbetween pictures- My mom is the best! Family and Friends just hanging after pictures.
Amy, Zac & Kenz, Jason, Danny & Us.

Janelle Temple Day!

Janelle went through the temple last Wed. just a few days before her wedding. It was so neat to be there for such a special day:) Megan, Marc's sister also went through the temple the same day which was even better. We all went to lunch afterward and discussed the upcoming wedding:) It was a really neat day for Janelle and we were glad to be apart of it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Last weekend Brace and I went on the Kanaraville slot canyon hike just 15 minutes South of Cedar. We hadn't been on this hike for a while so we thought we would go! Markus had a sleepover at our house Friday night because my parents needed a little get away before the big wedding this weekend so, we took him with us. It was a lot of fun!

This was so fun! We all took turns going down this rock slide- eventhough the water was cold!
There were a couple waterfalls you have to climb up, Brace was so helpful! He's going to be a great dad some day!
We brought Markus's little pole and fished after the hike. The creek is tiny you would never think there are littel rainbow and brook trout in there. This fish was pratically a mino, haha.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bridal Shower

Last Wed. my Mom's friend Tammy and I threw Janelle a shower! It was a lot of fun to see everyone and get excited for her wedding. The shower was wonderful and it made me thankful for all our family friends, neighbors and ward members we grew up with! Janelle, what a cute bride to be:)
One of the group pictures, I never could get everyone all together.
All the Johnson Girls + Robinson + McRae (soon to be)
After cleaning up the shower Amanda and I had to get the last two puppies out to play!

Me and My sisters!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I can't believe our much anticipated Cancun trip is really over! The week went by too fast. Our trip was absolutely amazing, it couldn't have been any better we had a wonderful hotel, each other & breathtaking beaches:) Jared and Shyann were a blast and we made some really great memories. We already want to plan another trip:)

Good Times! Fun in the Sun:)
A huge rainstorm drenched us while at Tulum, it was great:) You can see the puddles.

On our way back from Chichen Itza we stopped at this fun restaurant. We are hiding out from the jungle rain under the roof- and Brace is being cheesy because he is sick of pictures:)

The Giant Pyramid- they used to allow people to climb up it but too many deaths, yikes!
This was at Adventura Palace, it was beautiful.
Me on our 2nd day at Sun Palace beach. The sand was so soft and the water was warm- you didn't even have to get used to it!

We are at the Lagoon down town near Beach Palace watching the sun set.

This was so cool- its a fresh water pool that the Mayan's used to get water from and throw in valuables for sacrifices. People can swim there but, we didn't bring swim suits or we would have- Chichen Itza was soooo hot!
Taking a mid-night stroll on the beach, nice and romantic;)
US at Tulum- I ate this up! Ancient ruins are so intriguing!
looking out of our balcony, our room couldn't have been better we loved it.After Tulum we went to Xu Pa Palace where we could relax before we headed back to Cancun. This pool was kind of creepy with all the roots hanging over, so I kyaked and Brace snorkel- it was neat, all though I was a little tense because Brace kept almost tipping me:)

This was on Isla Mujeres, we rented a golf cart and drove around the whole island- Way fun!
Boogy boarding the waves!
On our way to dinner just outside our hotel room.Enjoying good mexican! Can't forget the Sombraro:)
We took a little bike ride through Xu-Pa Palace (helemets required lol) Brace and Jared had a little flash back with the combination of the helmet, back pack and the humid hot weather!

Nerd alert:) At the end of the path you reach the beach, nice view of Playa del Carmen.

Chichen Itza, we are in the ball court with the pyramid and temple in the background. I spotted good ol LDS missionaries here and asked if they would take this picture. They were excited to see LDS people from UT and talked to us for a bit.
This is at Chichen Itza, world famous Mayan Ruins. I loved this place! So fascinating:)
Playing in the Ocean- We couldn't get enough!
This beach is just under Tulum- its cool to look up and see the ruins. We were in Heaven!
Me looking like a monster compared to this cute little lady.

Shyann and I enjoying our favorite fruit cocktail for breakfast... they were sooo good.

This was a cute little bar right on the beach at Isla Mujeres, Brace had to get a Pepsi!
Soaking up the sun on the white sandy beaches.
We were on our way to Isla Mujeres a little island with sweet snorkeling!
Taking it all in!
This water was unreal! Snorkeling was amazing:) We saw a few baracuda & tonz of colorful fish.Una Mas! Just one more- try 5 a day! We loved the Palace resort Pinacoladas. I had to get a pic of our nightly runs to the bar! All-inclusive, you have to take advantage.

Just laying out, it was nice to go from the beach to the pool, when you got sick of salt water.
Top of Beach Palace, they had two pools and a bar on top & a pool down below next to the beach.

The View was amazing!