Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Great Outdoors

This weekend we went over to good ol' Circleville to visit Brace's family. It was great to spend much needed time over there! The quiet slow paced atmosphere is great:) Saturday we went to Antimony to visit his grandparents and then went up Antimony Canyon. It has a nice little stream and a secluded lake on top. (great for fishing) Later we finished the evening off at Otter Creek slaying the fish, according to Brace:) It was a beautiful day and a great weekend.

Us at the little lake on top, with nothing but the wild:) It was a real rough ride to get there but, that is what makes it so quiet and away from everyone.

Antimony stream- you can't see in the picture but there are trout in this little pool just waiting to be caught!

I had to get a picture of Brace chillin in his chair, taking all that fresh air in with a mouth full of seeds.

Not cute picture! But, I decided we post pictures not for looks, for the experience:)

Had to include Kirt on his new riding lawn mower at Brace's Grandparents. He is such a good guy mowing his parents lawn.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kolob/ Zion

Yesterday Brace and I really wanted to do something outdoors because it was finally warm after a week of cold Spring weather! When I called up my family my little brother Markus found out we were thinking about a hike and he was in! along with my Mom who is big into hiking. It was great to get out and see Kolob. Its crazy how close we are to National Parks and we don't take advantage, so we were glad to go! It was a perfect day and a lot of fun:)

Markus was looking for tad poles, he was a great hiker!
When were searching for lizards I came across these pretty and simple wild flowers so I took a picture.