Sunday, April 20, 2008

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

We all decided to go the Coral Pink Sand Dunes for the weekend. Everyone needed a fun little get away from school and work. The weather was great, except for the wind Sat. afternoon, but other than that it was perfect. I forgot how much fun the dunes are! Brace and I haven't been in a little while and it was great to get out again, especially with fun friends:) Staying up late talking around the campfire and riding was just what we needed!Top pic: Brace and I on the set of hills that the boys would go back and forth jumping, you can see all the tire marks behind us. These hills were so fun, it felt like a roller coaster dropping off the other side. Don't mind the wind blown hair! It was so pretty to just stop and look out from the top of a hill! We absolutely loved it:)

Brace riding a wheelie, he was having a blast.

Look out! We are jumping the sand dune hill, it was tons of fun:)

Sam & Mandy, Brace, Clayton, and Dan taking a little breather between rides.

All the girls Friday night at the camp fire (me, Andrea, Mandy, Alexis)
Sam and Brace went to get more fire wood and came back with a whole tree. In the pic. you can't see the huge tree trunk attached to all the branches. I thought it was funny so I posted it. Oh and of course Clayton's peach cobbler, nothting like a dutchoven midnight snack.
All the guys jumping across the finish line! When I was standing there for the picture it was really cool when they all came over the hill at the same time. The picture is a little blurry but hey I got them all off the ground simultaneously:) They were all loving life~!
We all took a little break from the dunes and went on a little ride/hike to a dried up waterfall. It was neat being able to look off he edge and it had a great view. I was getting everyone nervous standing near the edge, oops.
Just a picture of one of the many hills and all our tire marks!

Movie: all the guys jumping

Andrea the Acrobat!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Every year we fill out the traditional NCAA tournament bracket for fun and watch the games. The part I look forward to above all for the trournament is what many look past... I am obsessed with the "One Shining Moment Tribute" and have been since I was young! My family laughs because I have the whole song memorized! The music and the clips of grown guys leaving it all on the court smiling or crying is touching. Its always fun to watch college sports! Brace and I enjoy playing and watching sports but, even if you don't you should watch the clip! You will like it:)

We all watched the game at my parents house and my Grandparents were down from Salt Lake so I thought I would post a picture of them because I think they are such a cute couple :) Brace wouldn't let me take his pic. because he was watching the game and neither would anyone else except, my little sis. Amanda. She just got back from softball pratice and I had been working out right before so its not the cutest but I had to post it!