Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jazz vs. Lakers

We were supposed to go to a Jazz game a couple weeks ago for Brace's B day but, I couldn't get work off so we ended up going last Thursday right after we got back from Vegas. We traveled all week it seemed like from Vegas to SLC to C town. His bro and cousin have season tickets and let us go. We were pretty close, 19th row but, the game itself wasn't real close Jazz lost big time to Kolby. It was still awesome watching the game with my best friend! Go Jazz ? This picture isn't good- sorry, I shouldn't have even posted it. I took it as I was coming down the stairs from getting dipping dots :)
Me just getting ready to go down to our seats after half time

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter
Brace and I had a lot of fun hiding all the eggs for the easter egg hunt! It was fun to see the nieces and nephews excited and as you can see little Jace wasn't quite excited. Easter sure was fun in Circleville spending time with family:)
Shyann is helping baby Jace with his eggs!
On Saturday we flew Kites... So we haven't done this in years! We had some high-tech kites that were sweet which flew great and then Brace was stuck trying to make the little plastic Nemo kite from Wal-mart work. It was hilarious he tried so hard to get that thing to lift off, he finally got it:)
Brace and I went for a nice four wheel ride just above Circleville. It was a little cold but nice to get out! We looked for some sheds up there - no luck! Everything is brown and dead but, in the summer it really is pretty over there!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Fever

This is us @ In N Out, of course we had to go there!
Yes, even though it isn't healthy for us :)
It sure is good!

This is our last night in Vegas and everyone wanted to hit up the Buffet for the Crab Legs (except me, I am allergic to shell fish & I don't like seafood). It was hard to be surrounded by stinky Crab legs, haha. I called the three of them the Crab Crew!

This is one of the Pools we hung out at! My favorite was the lazy river pool!

Last week we spent a couple days in Vegas with a couple friends. It was great to relax and enjoy the warm weather!
Sam, Mandy, Me and Brace on our way to go Shopping

Brace and I down on the Las Vegas Strip

We had good times, good food and good company! During the day we would play in the pool and at night we would go out on the town.