Monday, February 18, 2008

My Birthday Weekend @ Island Park, ID

We had an absolute blast! We snowmobiled all around yellowstone and saw some really neat things. I had a great birthday in ID, freezing my butt off in 5 feet of snow :) It was cute on my Birthday Brace made me cake in our cabin! His family was all there and we made fun memories.

In this pic we are at Big Springs where you can see huge Rainbow trout swimming up stream.

The above pictures is called the Ghosts of Two Top. It is amazing, Two Top is a mtn peak right next to a lake and during winter there is a lake effect that causes ice to form on the trees creating a mystically image with the trees. Locals say that when there is fog on the peak, and getting dark the trees look errie that is where the "ghost" name came from. This pictures looks cold but, when I was taking it, it was 10 x colder with the wind;)